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patio - decking, bricks or other?

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SparkyUK · 17/06/2009 11:24

We have a small cak patio that we need to overhaul. It is currently stone and concrete floors with raised brick borders and a lower concrete level, accessed via concrete steps. Not very child friendly!!

While I feel children should be exposed to real life and that getting bumps and bruises is part of growing up and learning yadayadayada, I'd like to keep in mind DS (7 mo) and any future LOs when doing this work.

The space is very small but the main object is to move the steps so that they can be blocked and get rid of the concrete ground (and then remove some of the particularly thorny bushes). I'm thinking decking, DH is partial to brick paving. (I would have loved a grass patch but the space is really quite small - no more than a few square meteres. We live 5 minutes from the park so DS will have to get his grass fix there.)

Any thoughts, advice or tips on which surface we should use (or other patio related advice) we might not have thought of?


OP posts:
Sheeta · 17/06/2009 11:34

this sounds exactly like our garden, raised brick wall and a lower paved area. also have concrete steps.

we're putting in decking just outside the conservatory doors to bring it up to floor level, this will take out the need for one of the steps and make for a softer landing if DS does fall off the higher bit (only about 1ft up).

I'd love to have a lawn too, but we just can't really. Same deal with the park only 5 mins away.

someone suggested a wildflower lawn (iirc) I'll see if I can find the link

Sheeta · 17/06/2009 11:41

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