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Thinking of moving to Blandford Forum, Dorset.

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tulip27 · 07/06/2009 20:22

Need advice on nice areas, schools, places t avoid. Anyone have any advice? Am V scared.

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flatcapandpearls · 07/06/2009 20:26

I live in Blandford as does Shoshe. I am about to move out of the town to about 10 mins up the road.

You can email me twin and pearls

tulip27 · 07/06/2009 20:29

Fantastic news.So as a place would you recomend it?

OP posts:
flatcapandpearls · 07/06/2009 20:50

We love living here but we are moving out to be slightly more rural. You get a lot for your money here. We have been to an open gardens day which has reminded us why we love it so much.

Some people do not like it, there is a side to the town espcially friday saturday night but I am never in the town then.

My daughter goes to AW primary school and is very very happy there she settled in very quickly. The head is about to move on but I am sure it will remain very good. It has just moved into new buildings as well which are fantastic. It may have spaces, we chose Blandford as the school had spaces. There is also Milldown school, I dont think did as well in its OFSTED report but I know children there who are lovely and are happy there.

I don't know as much about the secondary, I hear mixed reports tbh. I teach in another secondary and they rarely have good things to say about it but I know a student teacer who did a placement there and she was very positive about it. It is also due a rebuild which looks very exciting. Shoshe knows more about the secondary and was I think happy with it.

I think it is a nice family place to live, dd goes riding and dancing in the town and is also a member of the local museum which has a family club which is very good.

As for areas, I love where I am as I have beautiful views although they are soon to be built on . There are a few new build estates here which are not my cup of tea and some parts around the town seem a bit rough to me. ARe you looking to live in the town centre or on the edge. There seem to be nice houses around St Leonard's avenue. Are you looking to buy or rent?

flatcapandpearls · 07/06/2009 20:51

Have you been here? If you search archives some mumsnetters dont have much positive to say about it. I have noticed at work that people either love or hate Blandford as well. If you want a tour or someone local but new to chat to when you get here let me know. Lots of local lovely mumsnetters.

tulip27 · 07/06/2009 21:02

I think we would probably move to one of the villages just outside. We went last weekend to look around and liked the look of a village called Child Oakford. Its so hard if you don't know the area, we are moving from Winchester area but house prices are forcing us to move.

OP posts:
flatcapandpearls · 07/06/2009 23:49

I know Child Okeford we go there walking, about a five minute drive from where we are moving to. Lovely place, we almost abought a house in Shillingstone which is only 2 minutes away.

I think one of the villages outside of Blandford is a good idea. It is what we are doing.

The secondary school would be the one in Sturminster Newton I think. Have not heard great things to be honest but it is not awful. But that is going from what teachers in the school I teach in have to say about it and we can be quite cutting about other schools. I know a student teacher who was there and he commented that the behaviour was not great, but student teachers have problems that established teachers don't have.

Have you bought a house or are you looking to buy?

How old are your children.

SuperBunny · 08/06/2009 04:53

Hello tulip - I am considering this too. My family live in a village just outside BF and love it.

tulip27 · 13/06/2009 16:12

Looking to buy and children are only 3 and 4 so secondary school a long way off.

OP posts:
SuperBunny · 13/06/2009 17:46

flatcap, have you found somewhere?

FiveGoMadInDorset · 13/06/2009 17:47

Aha, you are back, sorry I didn't get back to you but we went on holiday, can you get down here next Saturday?

FiveGoMadInDorset · 13/06/2009 17:54

We are south of Blandford, which has some nice shops in, but Blandford is very central to all places which is also good.

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