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To upstand or not to upstand: now with pics!

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navyeyelasH · 31/05/2009 15:55

Ok I have uploaded 3 pictures that the kitchen designer has given us; see here.

We will definately be having a green glass splashback behind the hob (which I added on myself to give you an idea). But the question is do we need upstands on the second section of worktop... If we do need an upstand do we do it green glass or do we do it the same wood as the worktops?

By second section of worktop I mean the section that runs under the window and along the right hand wall if viewing from the hallway.

NB> we have changed the design slightly now in that the flooring is slate and the sink will go under the window.

Don't make any suggestions to change the layout as I may cry - the kitchen is being installed this week and has already been delivered so too late to change anything.

So then ladies (and gents?) what do you reckon? Also do you think it would look cool to cover the back of the units under the bar (where knees would be) with green glass too.


OP posts:
navyeyelasH · 31/05/2009 17:07

Impatient bump as I'd like to order this either this evening or toorrow morning

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 31/05/2009 17:19

No I don't think you need upstands on the other bit. putting glass where feet would kick under the bar would minimise scuff marks.

navyeyelasH · 31/05/2009 17:45

great news soup dragon as I think I prefer it without upstands on that section. Thanks for replying!

OP posts:
preggersplayspop · 31/05/2009 17:58

I would go for upstands....sorry! Looks quite similar to my kitchen and we put wooden upstands around all the worksurfaces, and I think it gives it a more 'finished' look. Personal preference though of course.

Furball · 31/05/2009 18:04

agree with preggers, thats what we also did.

navyeyelasH · 31/05/2009 18:05

hmm buggr - I think the upstands make the kitchen look more traditional and less contemporary? Do you both think definately not glass on that part though?

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 31/05/2009 18:09

What is the wall going to be finished with?

Kitsilano · 31/05/2009 18:10

Definitely not glass - that would look really "bitty". I would go with wood upstands - think it looks more finished.

SoupDragon · 31/05/2009 18:12

My kitchen has no upstands and I don't think any kitchen I've been in recently has upstands. None look unfinished.

lalalonglegs · 31/05/2009 18:12


SoupDragon · 31/05/2009 18:15

TBH, I think they're just a way to get you to spend an extortionate amount on a small bit of wood.

You prefer it without, therefore go without.

SoupDragon · 31/05/2009 18:17

No one is going to come into the kitchen and think "oooh, there should have been upstands there."

lalalonglegs · 31/05/2009 18:20

I love the green glass by the way, the more of it, the better.

navyeyelasH · 31/05/2009 18:20

lol soupdragon - you haven't met my dad ! I'm not worried about that, I'm worried that upstands are there to protect walls (?) and without them the walls will look grim pretty quickly. But we do intend to chop and stir over by the hob so I'm not sure it's going to be a deal breaker?

The walls are going to be painted with a kitchen specific washable paint, in a light colour. Not sure which brand yet but definately not cheap low quality paint. Will be dulux, crown et al.

OP posts:
navyeyelasH · 31/05/2009 18:22

thanks lala, it's bloody expensive but I think it might look really good underneath the breakfast bar. But we have saved some money on the flooring now so might be able to convinve DP to do it.

OP posts:
MaryHuff · 31/05/2009 18:25

Another vote for no upstands.

Glass by the stools would be a good feature.

SoupDragon · 31/05/2009 18:34

An upstand (as I imagine it) isn't going to protect much of your wall. Having googled, I think they look like you couldn't afford to protect the whole wall.

navyeyelasH · 31/05/2009 18:37

Soup drago that's exactly what I tought they looked like - I couldn't afford tiles etc so went for upstands which is not the case.

I think I'm going to go down the no upstands route unles someone comes up with a good practical reason for having them.

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 31/05/2009 18:55

Upstands (now I know what they are ) aren't there to protect the wall but to hide any gaps between back of worktop and the wall as walls are often not true. If your walls are reasonably good, then I wouldn't bother.

navyeyelasH · 31/05/2009 19:39

Hmm ok thanks for that lala, the walls would have been freshly boarded and plastered so I'm guessing that they will be decent ish?

OP posts:
Millarkie · 31/05/2009 20:06

We didn't have upstands fitted when we put in our worktop but we paid a fortune for an experienced fitter to cut the worktops to the same shape as the walls exactly (and had to buy wider than normal worktops so there was enough wood to cover the units allowing for the trimming to fit the walls).. We had the walls painted with kitchen paint and splashes washed off easily.

lalalonglegs · 31/05/2009 20:40

Should be perfect.

Millarkie · 31/05/2009 20:44

We had just had the room replastered but the walls were still wobbly (not to the naked eye but if you held a long straight piece of wood against it you could see).

navyeyelasH · 31/05/2009 20:52

DP is a chippe and can plaster too so I will just ake sure everything is 100% straight and fingers crossed it should be all good.

Thanks for all the help again everyone, god only knows what state my house would be in if it wasn't for mumsnet .

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 31/05/2009 20:52

Replastering an old wall won't get rid of wobbles but if they have been reboarded they should be pretty good.

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