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Navy blue carpet

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noddyholder · 26/05/2009 15:32

I want a dark inky navy carpet in our smarter living room.The downstairs has an open plan kitchen family room and it is all tiled in dark grey right to the front door with a huge persian type rug in teh tv bit.The stairs and all teh bedrooms are carpeted in a mink colour.There is another room nothing done in there yet and am about to start.It will be a more formal room and won't get everyday use and I have a scheme planned inc navy carpet but most friends etc are aghast like I have gone mad!I have 2 traditional shaped grey sofas to go in there and the walls will be off white and some heavy wood furniture an indian sideboard and 2 tables.No tv.They are all saying beige but I think no

OP posts:
nickschick · 26/05/2009 15:35

navy shows all the shit ,light and dark - trust me

CMOTdibbler · 26/05/2009 15:35

Don't do it. My mum has a navy carpet on the hall/stairs/landing, and it looks permanently filthy. Even immediatly after a good hoovering it still has bits sticking t it

FigmentOfYourImagination · 26/05/2009 15:36

Navy shows up everything but I would say that if you are intent on using it, a more formal, low traffic room would be the best place for it.

FigmentOfYourImagination · 26/05/2009 15:40

I'm going to go off piste with our living room carpet. I was going to have oak put down but tbh that feels done to death now. I fancy a return to carpet, but I'm going for pink stripes.

FigmentOfYourImagination · 26/05/2009 15:42

pink stripes ? where the hell did that come from ? I meant stripes. Not pink ones ! Possibly mink ones but I need to get some samples

noddyholder · 26/05/2009 16:15

Figment I had stripes in my old house on the stairs they look lovely.I have a few samples of stripes which i have also considered.I have also changes from having wood have had it many times over the years and am looking for something more high end luxury!It will be a room that gets used once a week max and xmas and guests we live in the family space

OP posts:
atworknotworking · 26/05/2009 19:43

I had navy blue once, looked loverly but my advice would be to get a good vaccuum cleaner

movingnow · 26/05/2009 20:02

Do not buy navy unless you plan vacuming all day (also, dare I say it, sounds very dark with your colour scheme).

navyeyelasH · 26/05/2009 21:02

we have navy and it's such a bugger to kep looking clean but that's my only complaint - it does look bloody good!

What is all this about stripey caret - where do you buy such things?

bebesequin · 26/05/2009 21:47

Had navy carpet in the playroom in our previous house (boys- stars and stripes theme denim bits etc).Actually wore well and looked good- if you like it- go for it better than the acres of beige berber or sea grass look alike that everyone is trying to keep pristine.All flooring comes with maintainance

fishie · 26/05/2009 21:54

when i met dh he used to do hoovering with uv light in hand to pick up paint from cheapo navy carpet.

i am sure yours will be lovely noddy, it sounds great. beige carpet is ghastly.

if you have any offcuts then do send them my way...

Bonneville · 26/05/2009 21:56

Dont do it Navy always looks scruffy. We once had a navy carpet - never again - twas a bloody nightmare; as someone else said it shows every little bit. Wouldnt even have it in a room that was NEVER used.

Waswondering · 26/05/2009 22:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noddyholder · 27/05/2009 09:31

I am determined now to have it even more.I have worked in too many houses laying beige to have it in this room!It is a completely different look to the rest of the house I have a miele and a dyson I hope they can handle it.

OP posts:
MadameCastafiore · 27/05/2009 09:35

Navy and grey should be avoided unless you are buying school uniform!

Why would anyone have such a drab colour scheme that would feel cold?

Apart from the fact that everything will show on carpet - even if you don't go in there you will open door to dust bunnies having fun on the carpet and swear that you ever bought it.

noddyholder · 27/05/2009 09:35
This is the kind of room only the carpet here is dark aubergine but looks grey in pic.Def not right for beige

OP posts:
noddyholder · 27/05/2009 09:36

I love navy grey and off white It is v stylish.Each to their own

OP posts:
noddyholder · 27/05/2009 09:37

Drab and cold? Its a huge bright sunny room with an open fire have you been here?

OP posts:
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