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Exchange today (perhaps) and complete/move on Mon

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movingnow · 26/05/2009 14:17

Just looking for moral support . Mon 1 Jun has been the target completion date since our offer was accepted, but still waiting for one tiny bit of info (due today) before we can exchange. I'm sitting here unable to book movers (lined up but can't commit until exchange), cancel utilities, redirect mail (etc, etc), oh and did I forget to mention pack . Why can't someone invent a less stressful way of buying?

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raggedtrouseredphilanthropist · 26/05/2009 14:20

you dont have to complete so fast if you dont want to.
I was a right pain with mine, asked for more time to completion at the time of exchange. I couldnt be doing with the stress, as I didnt have anywhere to live etc.
Its up to YOU when you complete.

MamaG · 26/05/2009 14:23

Ah do it. Movings a PITA whether you have weeks or days to get ready. At least htis way it will be over quickly!

movingnow · 26/05/2009 14:26

I know we can call the shots re completion but to be honest I just want to get on with it now . Also we have a "gentlemens agreement" with our buyers over the date as we have delayed a bit already. We were due to rent but then found a house so we have slowed the process down. They have already moved out of their house and redirected the mail here, I also got a letter from the water company telling my this was my final bill as I was moving, a new concept getting your buyers to do the work for you .

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raggedtrouseredphilanthropist · 26/05/2009 14:32

yeah, I do understand the feeling of just wanting it to be done.
Packing isnt too hard when you get down to it. I packed my entire house, with a friend, in just 1 afternoon. Do you have boxes on standby already?
Redirecting mail you can do online, and cancelling utilities you can do from your new house.
It will all be fine! And so exciting!!!

movingnow · 26/05/2009 14:36

I'm itching to pack but the boxes will be part of the removal package so I can't get them until I confirm the move....after exchange. I went out to buy some but was so horrified at the price I decided to wait

OP posts:
raggedtrouseredphilanthropist · 26/05/2009 14:41

you can go to your local supermarket, and get loads of boxes for free...

movingnow · 26/05/2009 14:42

They seem to flatten them all round here (the boxes I mean) before you can get to them

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ouchitreallyhurts · 26/05/2009 15:27

Hi Movingnow

we are in the same boat pretty much! its stressful isn't it? we are due to complete this week but can't book removals etc so only got a few boxes...

fingers crossed for you that it happens today and you can get on with it all.

I hate the quiet bit between offer being accepted and exchange, its such a limbo!

have you seen the site ? its got a few useful tools on it and it helps you write the letters (all the addresses for people like child benefit etc are all stored on there! all you have to do is insert your new address, I love it!)

movingnow · 26/05/2009 15:56

Well it doesn't look like it's going to happen before 5pm today unfortunately.

OP posts:
ouchitreallyhurts · 26/05/2009 16:40

oh pants - i'm sorry,

fingers crossed for tomorrow.

movingnow · 27/05/2009 16:28

...still not exchanged

OP posts:
FindTheLocation · 27/05/2009 16:36

Oh no, sorry to hear that. I hope tomorrow brings you the good news & youc an crack on with the packing. Keep us posted

movingnow · 27/05/2009 17:10

I've decided this is grounds for breaking open the G&T supplies, rather early I know but needs must , especially as DH is abroad so not here to help me through the whole process.

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movingnow · 27/05/2009 17:10

I've decided this is grounds for breaking open the G&T supplies, rather early I know but needs must , especially as DH is abroad so not here to help me through the whole process.

OP posts:
ouchitreallyhurts · 27/05/2009 17:39

Oh no, that's really hard. do they give any reason why or is it one of those things in this stressful bundle called moving house?

movingnow · 27/05/2009 18:13

It's a really minor thing in reality but to do with a mention in a document from managing agents about "permission for a pet" (we have a dog). I believe it is a catch-all phrase that actaully refers to a block of flats that is part of the same development. We are buying a townhouse but there are some common parts (garden bits) that we pay a small service charge for, hence the document covers everything. Annoying as I could ignore it but not willing to, I just want clarification IYSWIM.

OP posts:
ouchitreallyhurts · 27/05/2009 19:11

I don't blame you. well, hopefully tomorrow will be the day!

movingnow · 28/05/2009 11:21

Yes, yes, yes....we've exchanged, just off to pack some boxes

OP posts:
FindTheLocation · 28/05/2009 12:44

Yippee, great news. Congrats How long did it take from when you accepted the offer until the exchange?

ouchitreallyhurts · 28/05/2009 15:12

Fantastic!! so happy for you - you can relax in a way now but I guess the hard work also starts here!!

hopefully will be joining you in the land of 'contracts exchanged' next week, fingers crossed!

movingnow · 28/05/2009 17:35

FindThe Location - Accepted offer on our house mid Mar and had our offer accepted on new house end of Apr, so technically only 4 weeks from our point of view and 10 weeks for our buyers IYSWIM

OP posts:
movingnow · 28/05/2009 17:36

Good luck ouchitreallyhurts, let us know how you get on!

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