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Shared drains ending in our garden, how can we get neighbours to share costs of unblocking?

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Pannacotta · 26/05/2009 10:31

We share drains with two other houses - their drains both join into ours and the drains run through our garden before joining the mains.

Since we moved in a year ago there have been repeated blockages.

We've had several drainage companies round and have paid out prob £300 in total to have them unblocked.

The last time was last week and a tampon and a huge block of cooking fat was found (tampons not used in our house and all our cooking fat carefully put into kitchen bin not down sink).

Our neighbours know we share drains (one of them told us), we had raw sewage spilling into our garden last week so had to run and tell them not to use any water until problem was fixed.

However, neither set of neighbours is offering to share costs.

How can we politely ask them to cough up?
Am bit surprised that they havent offered even though they know the drains are shared...

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MrsMuddle · 28/05/2009 21:46

Thanks, Grapefruit. That's what I thought.

PinkApplesAreGreat · 23/10/2019 11:30

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Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Grumpyunleashed · 23/10/2019 12:05

When we lived in London some years ago we had a leaflet through the door from Thames Water telling us about their new legal responsibilities for shared drains / sewers. Yes they actually told us, who would’ve thunk.
Anyway, we were at the end of a drain chain that served 5 houses then joined the main sewer when someone further back had a blockage. First we knew about it was when Dynarod turned up on the doorstep at 8pm one day asking to check and rod / clear the drain for Thames Water. One phone call to Thames Water later to verify they were real and there would be no costs to us I let them get on with it.

Final thought, we moved to the Anglian area 2 years ago and I specifically checked the web site before moving and it states they have exactly the same legal responsibility for any drain where 2 or more homes have fed into the same pipe. Note - their responsibility only begins at the point where the pipes of 2 homes join. Before that the home owner is on their own.

Troels · 23/10/2019 15:48

We had blocked drains too, all the houses in our side of the street are connected, it goes from next door (top of the hill) to us and then downhill from there through each front garden, then out into the middle of the street.
The water company has been out and fixed it all twice since we moved in (5 years), no cost to any of us. They fix it then send a letter warning not to flush anything but toilet paper. Last block contained fat, baby wipes, and tampons.

PigletJohn · 23/10/2019 15:52

This thread is ten years old. It's a zombie.

Shared drains ending in our garden, how can we get neighbours to share costs of unblocking?
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