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Kitchen / diner wallpaper - need ideas!

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andirobo · 24/05/2009 22:17

So, the idea is the kitchen is being knocked through into the dining room - to make a more open plan room.

Kitchen units are cream with dark granite top. Walls in kitchen to be painted. Walls to be light wood.

There will be a long wall where the table goes, that extends down into a small seating area (snug is the word!). Table will be light oak type of colour, in modern style - think sleek open plan family room, not twee or country - we live in a town!

We want an accent wall - the room is light and airy, so want a fab bold paper for the long wall - no idea of colour or pattern, but need ideas!

What would you pick? Our tastes are clean simple modern, yet the house is a 1930's semi. We have two kiddies, so needs to be practical!!

I am tending towards teal, but is that too dark??

A tall order I know, but someone may link to something fab!!!

OP posts:
noddyholder · 24/05/2009 22:24

Not sure of budget but there is a wallpaper in B and q of all places which is bamboo print big leaves.It comes in 2 colourways green leaves with bamboo colour stalks on a cream background or the same background but the leaves are bamboo aswell as the stalks.It sounds horrible but looks amazing esp with wood and in a room which leads on to the garden and its wipeable.Not sure if it is on web will look

lalalonglegs · 24/05/2009 22:25

Don't do it - if you want a clean, simple, modern look use paint. Find a shade of pain you like and a/some great picture(s) professionally framed. Feature walls are a bit naff and, if you use a very bold paper (or dark paint) on the longest wall, it will make the room look narrower.

noddyholder · 24/05/2009 22:32

lala I am v anti feature wall too and always try and persuade people to use colours from the same palette in combination with a great piece of original artwork but the feature wall is so popular sometimes I have had to go with it.I don't know why people like them but the paper I am talking about did look fantastic in situ I quite surprised myself.Although to be fair it wasn't just one wall

Pannacotta · 24/05/2009 22:33

Agree with lala, IMO feature walls look odd and dated, to my mind they scream Changing ROoms and 1990s interiors.

A whole wall of magnetic blackboard paint coudl look good or perhaps a group of black and white family photos in matching classic black frames.

andirobo · 24/05/2009 22:37

lalonglegs - I do think you may be right - the main part of the room will be quite square but with a small section added on (not sure if that makes sense!), and the thin bit is 2m wide. At the moment it is a thin room, but by opening it out it will seem bigger.

I have some lovely photos taken by my SIL that she got printed and framed for her Dads house, and they look great, so I intended to use them anyway, if I could, but not sure if that would work with a bold paper.

The work wont be done for another 8 weeks min (builder starts tuesday), so I am a bit ahead of myself, but like to get DH to offer opinions!

noddyholder will look in B&Q - have seen something I like on line but it was paper from a year ago!

OP posts:
andirobo · 24/05/2009 22:39

Why do all these shops sell this mad patterned wallpaper then! I must watch far too much home DIY tv programmes! Obvioulsy been brainwashed

OP posts:
noddyholder · 24/05/2009 22:43

If you really want wallpaper osborne and little coronata is stylish and subtle if thats possible and when you get sick of it!it can easily be painted over.I think paint it first and live with it maybe.

Pannacotta · 24/05/2009 22:53

I recommend COle & Son papers, they have some beautiful designs, I like Mimosa
though it may be a bit OTT for a kitchen!

andirobo · 26/05/2009 13:30

Pannacotta - I love that one - not sure whether DH would like it!

this is the one I saw that I liked - but I cant find it on the web - it was from Feb 08!

Building work has started today!!

OP posts:
noddyholder · 27/05/2009 22:31

that is v like the b and q one

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