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If you were a buyer would you rather know

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inscotland · 18/05/2009 18:58

Why your offer has been turned down?

We received 2 verbal offers on our house today. Both for the same amount of money and both want extras however, the first offer includes half my furniture and various other things that we only bought last year. They can have the stuff but they need to increase the offer - we're not giving the stuff away.

Anyway, our Solicitor has gone back to both parties to say we're having a closing date on Friday at 12 noon and written offers need to be in by then which is great. The Solicitor has not however told either party - particularly the one wanting all the stuff why we turned them down.

My husband says leave it but I think we should tell the Solicitor to phone these people and tell them that if they re-submit that offer on Friday it will be turned down so they need to have a re-think. I don't my time, their time or their Solicitors time wasted on the day.

WWYD and what would you prefer if you were my buyer?

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atworknotworking · 18/05/2009 19:10

I reckon your solicitor should have made it clear how you stood, if they re-submit their offers with the saMe terms that you don't agree with it's a total waste of everyones time and your money (sols costs)I think you should phone your sol asap to tell him what you want as a buyer ie: if they want the furniture you want x amount extra etc,

Or it could be some legal reason why sol didnt do this not sure about laws up your way, well done on getting two offers though Anyone want to buy my house?

thisisyesterday · 18/05/2009 19:12

yes, I would prefer to know

inscotland · 18/05/2009 19:14

I thought that. Thanks girls. I am going to call the Solicitors in the morning. If there is a reason that fairy nuff.

The house only went on the market last week so to say we're delighted is an understatement but we just hope they finalise their offers on Friday.

OP posts:
trixymalixy · 18/05/2009 21:40

Oooh was wondering how it was going inscotland!!!!

I guess the asking price hasn't put people off then.

Are the offers above the valuation?

trixymalixy · 19/05/2009 09:57

So that other guy was talking nonsense.


Hope you get it all sorted out!

inscotland · 19/05/2009 10:46

Yes both offers are £5,000 over the valuation. Have phoned the solicitors today and they are going to re-confirm the position re our personal stuff.

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