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Completion on a Monday?

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Kopparbergkate · 15/05/2009 11:17

Dh was talking to his boss about our house purchase and mentioning that we were completing on x date (a Monday) and the boss said "you should never aim to complete either on a Monday or a Friday.".

Dh is slightly intimidated by his boss so smiled, nodded and came home to ask me if I knew why Mondays were so bad - Fridays we know because slippage in timing for the chain can leave the last person in the chain stuffed over the weekend... But Mondays? Anyone know why Mondays are bad?????

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ouchitreallyhurts · 15/05/2009 11:55

there was something about this in our removal man's bumph - it said dont' complete/move on a monday or friday as this is the worst days to be on the roads (busier I guess) but I don't know of any legal or other logical reasons i'm afraid!

Fizzylemonade · 15/05/2009 13:51

I completed on a Monday

Maybe it is the fact that if anything goes wrong on the Friday then solicitors and banks are closed over the weekend. It would give you little time to resolve any issues on a Monday morning.

We exchanged on the Friday and completed on the Monday, and no I am not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type it just happened that way.

Fimbo · 15/05/2009 13:52

We completed on a Monday, simply because we were moving from our house to rented whilst we were waiting for our new house to be built and need the weekend to do a diy move.

Kopparbergkate · 16/05/2009 18:52

Well if the "oracle" (as dh refers to MN ) doesn't seem to think it's a huge no no, that's good enough for me!! Roll on completion!

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