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Does anyone have a small house that they haven't painted beige?

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Pawslikepaddington · 11/05/2009 10:17

V small house, only one window in each room so easily dingy, but am really sick of being beige! What colour can I paint it over summer?

OP posts:
curlygal · 11/05/2009 10:20

I used to live in a tiny flat and had the living room/kitchen painted a sunny yellow and the bed room painted a peaceful liluc.

Pawslikepaddington · 11/05/2009 10:36

Did the yellow look ok? Where on the "shade spectrum" would it be? I moved into a house once that was very yellow, so it put me off it a bit .

OP posts:
MrsEricBana · 11/05/2009 11:21

Me! I have lots of yellow too - it looks lovely in the day and nice at night too. Have to say I have gone for Farrow & Ball colours as ours is an old house and look more appropriate - Hound Lemon on hall and stairs and in a couple of the rooms (repeating colours makes it look more spacious apparently) and Gervase Yellow in another room (then diluted with cream in kitchen, our room and a basement room). The F&B paints are more expensive but do make a real dif I think and not too bad if not huge spaces.

MrsEricBana · 11/05/2009 11:21

These are coolish sort of scandinavian yellows not tropical or mustardy BTW.

MrsMattie · 11/05/2009 11:24

When we were in a small flat, we had the kitchen painted a very pale, primrose yellow, the hall in a 'hint of blue' type white, the front room in a very rich cream - not magnolia - and the bedrooms in stark white. Looked fine.

GypsyMoth · 11/05/2009 11:24

have recently done my bathroom a light silvery grey. its still neutral(white suite and fittings) and has lilac/purple accesories. looks surprisingly nice and 2 friends have now copied!!

so nice in fact,that boys small bedroom is now done in same colour!

BonsoirAnna · 11/05/2009 11:25

You could paint your DD's room pink .

KirstyJC · 11/05/2009 11:26

I have a small house - burgundy kitchen/diner, purple (well, lilac) bedroom, orange hallway (swear it said burnt sienna on the tin!)blue sitting room and green bathroom.

I think it looks great - beige is for losers!!

ChopsTheDuck · 11/05/2009 11:27

When we moved in here, it was all magnolia and I soon got bored of it. Lounge is now lilac with a mulberry fireplace wall, hallway is peach, bedroom is beige with a feature wall in cocoa, and kids room is mid blue. Much better!

wombleprincess · 11/05/2009 12:57

there are lots of different shades of white... sounds a bit daft i know

brettgirl2 · 11/05/2009 16:05

Have different walls different shades. Also have some feature walls.

WowOoo · 11/05/2009 16:11

We like white and yellow. (and other colours but I'm thinking of small, darker rooms)

Get some testers.

Some tones of yellow can have a greenish tinge...learned this after doing a whole wall. Can also be too much depending on size of rooms.

We've got a nice white called chalk. You'll be amazed how different whites can be!

noddyholder · 11/05/2009 16:18

I love colour.Go and get lots of charts and pin them up in the rooms and see what the colours are like in different lights.No feature walls though they are very dated better to get a few shades of one colour and experiment with those which can look amazing.

Eddas · 11/05/2009 16:20

after moving into my current house I can no longer stand yellow, it was everywhere

Anyway, colours I used in my first house were green(sort of sagey) light blue, very cooling, yellow and lilac.

I agree about feature walls, in my current house the front room is beige with a chocolate brown feature wall, choc brown curtains etc, but the room doesn't seem beige/cream IYKWIM

littlerach · 11/05/2009 16:31

I lived in a small house and the living room was blue and dark red with floorboards, kitchen yellow, bathroom pink and hall an orange.
Was never dull there
But the rooms were quite good sized and large windows and good light.

We have a bigger house now but couldn't have such colours here, it wouldn't work.

MommyHasaHeadache · 11/05/2009 16:32

We started off with a beige house, but now it is painted with Dulux Light & Space 'Desert Wind.' Much brighter without being garish.

Horton · 11/05/2009 16:33

I love colour, too. Get lots of testers and try some out on the walls - it's surprising how different they can look on the walls and in different lights. If you have the kind of house where dado rails might be an options, having a strong colour below and pale above can give you a really good splash of colour without making the room too tiny.

We don't have any beige in our house (hate it) and it is small. It was literally all beige or yellow when we moved in.

The colours we used are:

Living room is a very pale chalky pink with red blind and red throws on the white sofas and multicoloured rug with a strong leaning towards red. Dining room is strong ochre below the dado rail and v v v pale slightly olivey white above. Our bedroom is a v pale lilac and the spare room is strong pink/purple (v dark not sickly) below the dado rail and v v v pale grey above. DD's room has one bright red wall and the others white with a hint of pink. The bathroom is v v pale green and a sort of parchment colour - I suppose you could call the parchment colour beige but that's really the only beige we have. Kitchen pale bluey grey with warm pine wooden units and a black slate floor.

I'd highly recommend the Dulux colour mixing service for whites with a hint of another colour which really do look more interesting than only white and it's not wildly expensive as paint goes.

In a flat I lived in a while ago, I painted the small kitchen bright sunny orange and it made ther slightly seventies brown and white units look kind of cool rather than tacky and dated.

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