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would you bother with this?

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noddyholder · 04/05/2009 16:18

Our house has 2 loft areas which are both totally seperate from each other.We don't need a loft conversion only 1 child.But there is a little loft area above our bedroom which has power and plumbing as it is diorectly above the main bathroom.Our builders say tey can put a spiral staircase from our bedroom and make a dressing room with wardrobes and shower loo etc up there v easily.Would you like that the bedroom is big and this way we could put a sofa in it instead of ensuite

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mrsmaidamess · 04/05/2009 16:19

Oh do it it sounds nice.

WynkenBlynkenandNod · 04/05/2009 16:21

Flipping heck, too right I would like it !

noddyholder · 04/05/2009 16:22

really?Like an upstairs en suite?Would have proper window etc so could be nice not sure I'd bother going up the stairs but I might .The cost wouldn't be much as I have some bathroom stuff and tiles etc I could use.

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katiestar · 04/05/2009 16:22

I would prefer to have my ensuite in the bedroon rather than negotiating a spiral staircase in the middle of the nightotherwise it kind

noddyholder · 04/05/2009 16:24

I thought that about the stairs i suppose we could have straight stairs but the others look nice.Think I would prefer to keep the room without ensuite and have the sofa as it has an open fire so could be nice get away from the house

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WynkenBlynkenandNod · 04/05/2009 16:27

I think I'd prefer straight stairs rather than a spiral for safety, but love the idea of having a sofa in the bedroom, plus my own private toilet etc upstairs.

My DC's would have to fend for themselves if I had this as I'd never come out of my room.

noddyholder · 04/05/2009 16:29

I think I will do it.It was my idea originally to have a mezzanine in there but there was a problem with that so this seems good alternative.Dp thinks he can fit his drums into it.NO WAY!!I might put a lock on when its done and just move in

OP posts:
LauriefairycakeeatsCupid · 04/05/2009 16:29

it would be lovely, particularly if you had a nice bath up there while looking at the stars through a sky light.

A proper grown up area

mrsmaidamess · 04/05/2009 16:36

My 'en suite' is down a couple of stairs from my loft bedroom and I prefer that to having it directly off the room. Do it, you won't regret it.

lalalonglegs · 04/05/2009 16:37

Oooh, I saw someone who did this as a sort of open-plan bathroom mezzanine - looked great (although you might want to wall in your loo a bit).

lalalonglegs · 04/05/2009 16:39

In fact, you can see it here - it's quite a small photo but if you click it blows up.

noddyholder · 04/05/2009 16:40

Thats what I had planned lala but couldn't be done without a lot of probs so am leaving it to them

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