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Has anyone bought a moben kitchen?

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coneflower · 03/05/2009 11:06

Thinking of replacing my cooker for a larger model and saw in the paper to day about mobens half price sale with a further 20% off until Monday. I know I am to late for the 20%, but just wondered whether anyone else had experience of them? Many thanks.

OP posts:
crokky · 03/05/2009 11:10

Moben are terrible - lots of people man the sales line phones and they are lovely to you. Once you've signed, they let you down with dates for work (when your kitchen has already been gutted!) and then they don't pickup the phone to existing customers. Moben are terrible - go somewhere else, seriously.

jeanjeannie · 03/05/2009 11:25

We've not got a high opinion I'm sorry to say. DP (builder/carpenter) has had a few 'experiences'.....he much preferes Magnet with regards to quality.

I know they've been hauled up with regards to 'silent calls' and other 'dubious' sales practises.

Sorrento · 03/05/2009 12:34

Noooooooo we had a sales person leave our house at 11.45pm we signed the contract knowing we'd cancel the next day just so we could get to bed.
The price started at £12,00 and was reduced to £6k but the design was so poor and all over the place we didn't go ahead.

purepurple · 03/05/2009 12:42

we didn't go with Moben because they were way too expensive, we couldn't get rid of the salesman, he wanted to design for his benefit and not ours
we ordered our cooker hood from the internet, it was a lot cheaper

Sorrento · 03/05/2009 12:48

Just re read your OP they won't sell you just a cooker, you have to buy the whole kitchen and have it fitted with their electricians and plumbers and tilers.

noddyholder · 03/05/2009 15:51

they are dreadful My parents had a nightmare with them

quinne · 03/05/2009 16:01

0/10 for service, fitting, durability and straight lying. Horrible, horrible company: avoid at all costs!

cat64 · 03/05/2009 16:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MrsMuddle · 03/05/2009 16:58

I'm not the OP, but was in a Moben shop yesterday and have spent today thinking about getting a new kitchen.

Thanks for the warnings. You've just saved me thousands of pounds.

nowwearefour · 03/05/2009 20:43

well we used them and actually we were pleased- kitchen still looks brand new 5 years later and it was fitted without any probs in 3 days the week leading up to christmas. wasnt the cheapest but we had no problems at all

coneflower · 04/05/2009 11:55

Thanks for that, I shall have to think again.

OP posts:
notaseasyasitlooks · 04/05/2009 19:39

We got a quote from Moben. It all looked rather lovely and fine. We haggled hard and nearly signed.

I then got another company in, just for the hell of it. The quote came to the same price as Moben after haggling, but gave us sooo much more. The new company had lots more ideas abot resiting appliances, much more imaginative, better quality, lots more listening to what we wanted and we are getting lots more for our money. They stayed all day producing a design we were happy with, whereas Moben did the same job in half a day, including a ferociously hard sell at the end. (The guy was bloody good at that bit of his job).

I wouldn't go with Moben myself. IN fact, if you do a MN search you can find other complaining threads about them.

slackrunner · 04/05/2009 19:43

They are overpriced for what they are IMO. DH had bought a Moben kitchen for his house just before we met sigh - it was OK but nothing spesh.

Have you tried Howdens? They make similar - but are much, much cheaper. The only downside is that they only sell to trade, so you need to find a fitter who can 'buy' it for you.

retiredgoth2 · 04/05/2009 19:47

...I have a newish (18 months old) Moben kitchen.

It was very expensive, and some parts are very nice. The cabinets are good quality, solid wood doors are attractive and durable. I like the granite surfaces, too....


...the 'free' range cooker and hood look good at first, but are not of high quality. The handles keep falling off the cooker, and the hood rarely works (I am on first name terms with customer service)

So I wouldn't say don't use them, but I wish I had paid a little extra for decent Rangemaster cooker and hood.

...when you are already paying a (very steep) 14k, another thousand is worth it I think...

purepurple · 05/05/2009 06:50

slackrunner, my kitchen is from howdens and I am very pleased with it.
A friend who is a joiner fitted it for us, for about half the price of moben's quote.

fymmumoftwo · 05/05/2009 07:06

Moben are overpriced. Of the three kitchens we've had MFI, Howdens and Magnet trade have all been half the price for the same thing.

daisybaby · 05/05/2009 07:16

We have a Moben kitchen, fitted a few years ago. Great services, fitters arrived on time, worked well and did a good job. The kitchen is lovely quality, the appliance are all excellent.
I think a lot of people rubbish them who don't actually have personal experience of them.

Funnyone · 17/07/2009 12:37

We've just used Moben to fit a new kitchen in our newly-bought house. Now that the kitchen is finally finished, I can say that the units are very good quality and the finished kitchen looks very nice.

Initially, the units came as scheduled, as did the fitters.

During the fitting process, it became clear that some parts were missing. Also, some were scratched. Also, the fitters had not been briefed properly as to the kitchen plan, so I had to describe it to them myself! For example, they left only 100cm for the cooker instead of 110cm. I caught them in time and they had to re-fit the carcasses accordingly. Due to the problems with the parts, the fitters couldn't finish the job and told us to contact Moben about it. We contacted the Moben project management team and went through each of the items which needed sorting out. They told us they would send the items the next day. Nothing. Several phonecalls and days later still nothing had been done. Then we were told that the fitters themselves needed to have told Moben about the missing and scratched items. Then the head of the team of fitters (who had not actually been at the job nor had he seen the parts) eventually contacted Moben to confirm we were telling the truth(!), and a week later the missing parts suddenly arrived. The fitters were due to come back and finish the job on several different dates (each promised by the project management team) but they never came on any of them. It turned out that the team of fitters were on holiday, except for the head fitter, whose brother had apparently died. Apparently he had told Moben but Moben claimed he hadn't, so they didn't let us know there would be no fitters coming round, but instead, kept promising different fitting dates. We eventually demanded that a new team of fitters be sent round right away to complete the job (now nearly 4 weeks after the start of the fitting). The next day some fitters did come, but had not been briefed at all and did not know about half of the outstanding work needed, and said they didn?t have enough time to do it all because they were already on another job! They did have some sense though, and stayed to finish the job, even though it was jeopardising the other job they were on.

In summary, if you use Moben, you do get good quality units but you have to do the project management yourself, and you must oversee everything that the fitters do, to ensure the job is done as originally agreed. Get phone numbers of all of the fitters that come round, so if anything goes wrong, you can contact them directly, rather than have to go through Moben?s project management team.

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