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Help - found a house we really like but no offers on my flat

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frazzledgirl · 01/05/2009 20:30

Flat's been on market three weeks. Good location, three bedrooms, reasonable if not great nick. We chose the agents with the higher commission (they'd actually sold us the place and we liked them, was same guy) and they assured us solemnly that X amount was a realistic price.

We double-checked that - don't want to be greedy, or over-price and then have to reduce.

Eight booked viewings and three no-shows later, bloody agents are suggesting we drop price. Happens all the time, they say. We have an awkward and narky conversation yesterday about exactly how much their 'expert' judgement is worth, and they refuse to reduce their commission.

So. Relations strained. And just now we've had a viewing at pretty much the perfect house for us.

We have no offer, agents clearly aren't going to do much for their money, four weeks to run on contract.

What to do? Will any vendor take us seriously if we offer without having an offer? It's been on the market a few months.

TIA for any advice, I've never sold before.

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 01/05/2009 21:19

If it's been on for a few months it's probably not going to be snapped up in the next four weeks. I would say that not only are the vendors of the other house likely to be willing to accept an offer from someone who has yet to have an offer on their property but you probably don't know how much you can offer until you know how much you can sell for.

If you are unhappy with your estate agents - although, tbh, it is very difficult to value at the moment and I think any agency would do the same - then start putting out feelers for new ones now so, come the end of the four weeks, you can change over seamlessly and the new ones will hopefully have a few people lined up to view. It is probably a good idea to give your estate agents written notice now as (a) this is often in the small print and you could find yourself stuck with them for another four weeks at the end of the contract if you don't and (b) it may give them a kick up the arse and get them working a bit harder.

Sorrento · 01/05/2009 22:47

Put in an expression of interest with the vendors, did they give you a card or contact details ?
I'd pop around say we love your house it's perfect for our children/dog/bump and as soon as we've sold our flat we'll be back with an offer.
They will be bloody delighted as no doubt you're the first in months to make such noises.
If they bought it in 1991 for £2.50 they will want to sell it to a lovely person such as yourself and if you know what their bottom line is you can reduce your flat accordingly (go and talk to their agent for that bit).

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