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What's the best 'design your kitchen' site?

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spicemonster · 01/05/2009 18:52

I've had a look at the Ikea one but it doesn't allow for some of my more bizarre measurements. Are there any other (free) ones on the net I could use?

And while I'm at it, is there anywhere that has pics of lots of different kinds of bathroom so I can get some ideas?


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spicemonster · 01/05/2009 20:25

Shameless bump. Any ideas please?

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annieshaf · 01/05/2009 21:10
lalalonglegs · 01/05/2009 21:23

Magnet has one that I've used.

spicemonster · 01/05/2009 21:46

Cheers both - I shall plan to my heart's content!

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