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conservatory supplier, which one?

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Akiko · 01/05/2009 03:29

I am looking to buy a conservatory. There are so many suppliers, that I am getting lost. Any recommendations and advise will be welcome. My builder have given me a quote of £15000 for materials and instalation. I wonder if I could have it done cheaper. I am also looking for reasonable priced conservatory blinds.

OP posts:
jeanjeannie · 01/05/2009 10:32

Bit confused...will try and help out if I can. Is your builder just intending to install the conservatory - or too supply it too?

My DP has been building/fitting/ designing them for over 15yrs...and wouldn't quote without either suppling it himself - or at least knowing what one the client wants, if they want to buy one. Without knowing exactly what the product is - then it's impossible to do a proper quote.

What size are you after?
Is it UPVC or Timber?
Both of these affect the price dramatically.

Let me know and I'll try and give you some ideas

Akiko · 02/05/2009 00:27

Thank you.
The size is 7x3m. I am looking for the cheapest version, so UPVC will be the option. The builder that has given me a quote, has a supplier and the quote includes the price of the frames and fitting.

OP posts:
jeanjeannie · 02/05/2009 20:50

Well, I'd say if your builder can deliver that for 15,000, then that's cheap! Like my DP he probably likes to use certain companies and he should give the name over to you. If he's a good builder there is probably quite a lot of discount built into his purchase of the conservatory.

My advice would be;

  1. check permissions are all ok
  2. have a look at some of his work - in person.
    We are always arranging for prospective clients to check out extensions, orangeries etc.
  3. See his liability insurance! Don't let him near your house without it!
    4)Find out as much as you can about the supplier of the conservatory.
    5)Draw up an agreement by which you pay in installments. A bit of money up front followed by payments throughout the build, once you're happy he's finished that bit to your satisfaction.

    If you want to look to buying one yourself then there is something called conservatories online I've not used it - only know that it exists but i believe if you go into the UK section you could at least get a one-stop-shop of local companies.

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