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Saundersfoot - Does anyone live there?

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saggyhairyarse · 28/04/2009 13:55

What is it like? What are the schools/health services like?

I love this area (Pembrokeshire, South Wales generally) and I think I have almost convinced DH moving there would be top banana

OP posts:
angelene · 28/04/2009 14:02

I'm afraid I've no idea but my DD is convinced that everyone living in Saundersfoot has a sore foot.

Have you got a sore foot?

saggyhairyarse · 28/04/2009 21:45

Actually I do! New shoes today!

OP posts:
MaryMotherOfCheeses · 28/04/2009 21:47

I think you've just got to be prepared to travel further. Compared to living in a city.

Where are you now?

differentID · 28/04/2009 21:59

If you choose to live in Pembs, you need to be able to drive. Trains are stupidly non-existant, buses are better but still not fantastic.
Schools tend to be quite good, only thing is that there are limited activities for young people to really get involved in.

mallow · 28/04/2009 22:09

The schools service in Pembs is generally v good. Saudersfoot school has a good reputation. (I don't know it myself, but I work in a school in the North of the County)
The school is a Category C school which means Welsh is taught as a 2nd language.

Health service is OK, I believe Saundersfoot has its own Drs' Surgery. Nearest hospital is in Haverfordwest.

It is a lovely part of the world to live in, as long as you are not a shopping/partying kind of a girl!

Saudersfoot in the Winter can be quite dreary.

You would find it hard to live in Pembs if you can't drive (although people do manage)
Bus services are v limited.

differentID · 28/04/2009 22:11

Mallow- not town beginning with F is it?

mallow · 28/04/2009 22:15

Could be... any reason why?

differentID · 28/04/2009 22:16

I grew up there

mallow · 28/04/2009 22:18

Sorry - I just realised I sounded very rude then. This isn't my usual ID as I am a bit paranoid about my identity. Yes it probably is the town you grew up in!

differentID · 28/04/2009 22:21

lol. I don't think any of the staff there are still from when I went there

mallow · 28/04/2009 22:23

I've just realised I'm coming across as ultra paranoid.
Here I am on an annonymous forum, changing my ID so no one knows were I'm from and I still worry ...
When did you leave school? (Unless you'd rather not say )

differentID · 28/04/2009 22:25

I was born 1979- dossed around for one year of 6th form and re-took it so 1998, just before my 19th.

mallow · 28/04/2009 22:27

Ah, before my time
(Was worried I was going to feel ancient and had actually taught you!)

differentID · 28/04/2009 22:28
saggyhairyarse · 16/05/2009 22:36

MMOC, I live in Bristol. I don't mind driving about as I do that now. I've lived in different areas of the city and now live in a town on the outskirts but grew up in a different town on the outskirts so travel to see different people and activities.

Different ID and Mallow, I do drive. My daughter does Taekwondo, any chance i'd find a reasonably local class? Otherwise I am not bothered about shopping/partying, I like good coffee shops and going out for meals.

Sorry to resurrect from old!

OP posts:
mallow · 17/05/2009 00:00

I would imagine you would find Taekwondo (or similar) classes in Tenby which isn't too far.

saggyhairyarse · 17/05/2009 09:01

I sort of figured I would be going to Tenby a fair bit for stuff so that is no problem!

Only other thing is from looking at ESTYN site, would the local secondary school be in Tenby? Is there a school bus? ONly hoping kids would be getting themselves to school by then so I can get a job!

OP posts:
mallow · 17/05/2009 16:50

The local secondary would be Greenhill in Tenby and there are school buses.

saggyhairyarse · 17/05/2009 22:14


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