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Damp proofing single skinned walls reliable companies anyone?

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Chrysanthamum · 26/04/2009 20:13

Me and my porch again,
I love it but its driving me nuts. We re-tiled the roof got brand new windows, had it replastered and we've been getting damp patches which are getting worse. we've tried sealant and I would now like to just get a specialist to sort it out before spending any more dosh or time on it. Its a great place for shoes, prams etc and has a lovely view & was one of the reasons I liked the house so much. Apparently Rentokil can deal with damp but I don't know anyone who has used them for damp proofing interior walls. I'd probably just bite the bullet and use them if I was confident that they'd sort out the problem, but I can't waste any more money. Also I live in a nice but nosey neighbourhood and don't want people thinking we have rats when they pull up outside!
Tips anyone?

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Thinkstoomuch · 26/04/2009 20:29

Do not not NOT use Timberwise, would be my tip. Poor workmanship, expensive, hugely and disrespectfully messy, so much so that I'm still cleaning up a year later!

Whoever you use, it's likely to be a messy business and if you can be out of the way while it's going on I would. It could be that there is old saturated plaster behind the new plaster, in which case it will never dry out until you hack it all back.

Other than that I guess it's the usual advice about getting three or more quotes.

kc3 · 27/04/2009 13:17

Where abouts are you? My husbands building company uses a company based in Oxford called Rentacure. I think they would do what you are asking.

Chrysanthamum · 27/04/2009 13:43

Thanks kc3 but we're in central Scotland

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