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How can I paint over old, bubbling gloss paint, on a WALL?!

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BEAUTlFUL · 21/04/2009 12:22

Darling homebuffs,

The &*%$ who had this house before us put in an en-suite loo, but then painted directly over the new (hardboard?) walls with purple gloss. It's bubbling in small patches but you can't pull sheets of it off, it just flakes.

How can I paint over it without stripping it all off? Is there any way? Can I buy anything that will provide a "key" and just chuck that all over the walls?

And will I have to use gloss to repaint, or can I prime it then use emulsion?
Thanks! x

OP posts:
AMumInScotland · 21/04/2009 12:29

I think if you lightly sand it, with a fine sandpaper, then emulsion would probably stick ok. Maybe try that on a small area first to see if it works?

stealthsquiggle · 21/04/2009 12:33

Sand it really well and then use a couple of coats of emulsion. Don't sand all the paint off, though, otherwise you will have no 'primer' on the hardboard.

Come to think of it, if it really is hardboard rather than plasterboard, you might be better off with Satinwood-type paint (like gloss but not shiny!).

Ponders · 21/04/2009 12:37

I would sand it down & then put lining paper on top before painting - otherwise after the bubbled bits chip off the finish will be lumpy. Lining paper will smooth over the uneven bits.

lalalonglegs · 21/04/2009 14:21

Sand it down and then put a diluted coat of PVA (bonding) on it, dry and then paint.

Purple gloss in the loo and you still bought it .

BEAUTlFUL · 22/04/2009 10:46

Thanks all of you!

lalalonglegs, the rest of the house was so lovely we sort of overlooked the upstairs bog. And then left it purple for seven years!

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