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any comments on this house please.....

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hatesponge · 13/04/2009 17:55

if I can actually manage to do a link that works(for the first time ever....)


OP posts:
newgirl · 13/04/2009 17:58

It looks very smart and well kept

i would rip out that shower in the bedroom and have a cupboard instead

QOD · 13/04/2009 18:10

£200k? Wow, you'd get a 2 bed rundown bungalow here for that, I like it
Garden is a bit bland, but only as bland as mine LOL

QOD · 13/04/2009 18:10

£200k? Wow, you'd get a 2 bed rundown bungalow here for that, I like it
Garden is a bit bland, but only as bland as mine LOL

CarGirl · 13/04/2009 18:12

is there anywhere to put a downstairs WC, 4 beds and 1 bathroom no wonder they put a shower in the bedroom!

noddyholder · 13/04/2009 18:18

Needs pictures and books and a bit of something doesn't look lived in.Agree it needs a downstairs loo x

CarGirl · 13/04/2009 18:22

Perhaps you could take some of the back of the garage to make a downstairs loo especially if you couldn't put your car in it.

nowwearefour · 13/04/2009 18:23

is it your house or one you want to buy or maybe you'd rther not say..... interested as we bought a house witha shower in the main bedroom and couldnt decide whether to keep itor bin it. in the end we couldnt afford to transform it but use it as a wardrobe. we are now selling so interesting to see what the people buying it will do with it....

MintyyAeroEgg · 13/04/2009 18:26

Do people actually live there? Seems very bland and unloved.

But am sure you can make huge improvements in that respect.

What do you like about it?

Where is Halfacres?

CarGirl · 13/04/2009 18:28

I think if you can't get an ensuite in then a shower AND handbasin is a good compromise especially when there are more than 3 bedrooms. I think a 4+ bed house with only one toilet is a bit odd though - if it's a seperate loo and not in a family bathroom it doesn't matter in the same way though.

noddyholder · 13/04/2009 18:30

If you don't need 4 beds I would move the bathroom into one of the smaller bedrooms and use the existing bathroom as a laundry room Keeps all the mess upstairs and you could keep the loo so that would give you an extra one in the mornings.Then you won't need that shower.bathroom is too small for teh size of teh house really

hatesponge · 13/04/2009 18:44

Am glad the consensus seems to be simliar to my own views! I'm not convinced about the showers (they are in 2 of the bedrooms not just one...ensuites I dont mind, but shower randomly in the corner of the room I'm a bit about!) & definitely think it needs an extra loo or two. My thoughts would be either to try and get a downstairs loo under the stairs/back of garage or similar, and possibly see about making a proper ensuite in the biggest of the 4 bedrooms - depending on logistics, finances etc

the real downside for me is the outside space (or lack of), as I REALLY wanted a proper room for a pony garden however in the real world I know I'm too lazy to maintain anything other than a small patch of lawn

OP posts:
Northernlurker · 13/04/2009 18:47

freestanding cooker - are they leaving that or will you need to buy in?

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