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my back door is coming off its hinges

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noavailablename · 07/04/2009 13:47

Can anyone help? It is a double glazed door, and it is tilting as if it is falling off the top hinge.

We have tried tightening the screws, but it isn't helping.

I don't want to get the DG firm back, because the fitter was a thug who broke something in my house and became very threatening when I tried to get him to admit/pay for it.

Dh thinks a locksmith could help - but i don't see how.

Do you think I will have to replace the door?

Thanks for any advice.

OP posts:
KB71 · 07/04/2009 14:19

Sounds to me as if the door has just popped out of it's frame. Do you have a good reliable handyman near you who can help? Where are you based?

noavailablename · 07/04/2009 14:29

I am in North London. I wish I did know a good handyman.

I have to lift the door slightly to close it IYSWIM - other wise it is crooked, but adjusting the screws on the hinges doesn't seem to make any difference.

OP posts:
noavailablename · 07/04/2009 14:29

I have no idea why this link is appearing in my posts BTW.

OP posts:
sleepsforwimps · 08/04/2009 22:59

Is it a timber door?

noavailablename · 08/04/2009 23:59

No - it is uPVC type of thing. It seemed a reasonably solid affair, but it is tilting. I just can't figure out what the problem is.

OP posts:
sleepsforwimps · 09/04/2009 16:14

Oh I'm not going to be much help then I'm afraid, if it had been timber I would have asked my df what the problem could be as he's a joiner. Hope you get it sorted, the man who fitted it sounds vile, I don't blame you not wanting him back.

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