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cost of painter/decorater per day?

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brimfull · 03/04/2009 20:32

last I heard it was about 90-100/day

has the credit crunch reduced it at all

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lalalonglegs · 04/04/2009 18:51

I think you would have to pay more towards the £150 mark in London but it depends what s/he is doing: repainting is obviously cheaper than painting fresh plaster which will need sanding,several coats and the woodwork will need caulking. Papering will cost more than painting; a staircase will cost more to paper than a front room etc etc.

brimfull · 04/04/2009 19:42

just painting over old paint
no wallpaper

so prep needed

at £150

I am on south coast,bourneouth area

OP posts:
SamVimesIsMyHero · 05/04/2009 08:08

You will need prep, filling any cracks, cleaning down the old paint etc. I would say between £100-£125, I've never heard of a decorator charging more depending on what they are doing. Ours charges for the no. of days he thinks the job will take at a flat rate.

LovelySpringDayOutside · 05/04/2009 08:18

I recently had a professional painter and decorator here and asked him out of interest how much our bedroom would cost to paint. It's a large room with two doorways (entrance and ensuite) and a window, it has a few settlement cracks and one bit where the plaster is bulging. It is painted already so would be painting over existing paint. He said £300 including materials. He does a fantastic job, mind.

DavidDecorator · 22/11/2012 09:01

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