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would you use a workman who asked for cash payment?

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MamaChris · 24/03/2009 17:44

We got a quote for a new lawn in our boggy, clover covered back garden (£600). we picked a local company that we'd seen at work in a neighbouring street, professional website, nice guy who came round. phoned him today to arrange when he could start the job, and he said he could do it this saturday, for 600 cash. now that sounds quite a lot of money to get out of the cash machine in one go (or several trips) and we're worried he's not paying VAT and is just going to bring a couple of mates and do some cheap work on the side.

would you be worried?

OP posts:
PortAndLemon · 24/03/2009 17:47

I'd pay cash to someone with good references if I'd seen their work. It could be he's doing dodgy things with VAT but it could just be that he's fed up with being messed around with bouncing cheques and credit card company fees and delayed payments.

MamaChris · 24/03/2009 17:56

hmmm. hadn't thought of it that way. do you think he'd be offended if I phoned to check?

OP posts:
notcitrus · 24/03/2009 18:01

If the quote's in writing and you have the guys' address I'd do it. Don't think I've encountered a workman who didn't want cash.

But then last summer I paid £10k in cash as the first payment to our builder...

sb6699 · 24/03/2009 18:02

I would agree to pay cash but only on completion of the work - he could disappear half way through and you'd never see him again.

MamaChris · 24/03/2009 18:06

quote was written on the back of a business card.

notcitrus 10k cash! wow! how did it feel lovely to hold that much money?!?

OP posts:
notcitrus · 24/03/2009 18:11

definitely don't pay until completion of work! not even paying 3/4 if there's 'only' a few odds and ends to finish...

10k fits in three ordinary envelopes and doesn't look like much - would have been nicer if it was us getting the money! I do know a couple who had similar amount of cash to buy a car and threw it on the bed and had sex on it first.

lalalonglegs · 24/03/2009 18:53

It would put me off and I wouldn't give anything up front but you can always threaten them with Inland Rev if they don't come up to scratch .

jeanjeannie · 24/03/2009 19:43

NO! Definately put me off. Certainly wouldn't give him it upfront. The only exception I'd make is if someone had done work for me before and we kind of agreed that it'd be OK - but only for small (under £500) jobs.

PlumBumMum · 24/03/2009 19:50

One of 2 things either hes not going to pay the VAT and therefore saving you £90, or as someonelse says wants cash in preference to cheque etc

TBH if you know his standard of work and your getting it cheaper I would pay

NotanOtter · 24/03/2009 21:06

yes i would why not?

morningpaper · 24/03/2009 21:07


IlanaK · 24/03/2009 21:09

I pay our builder cash all the time - in large sums too. But we know him well and totally trust him. I would not be happy to do it for someone who had never done work for me before.

wrinklytum · 24/03/2009 21:10

I think it is quite "normal" to pay cash.Any building work we have had done we have always paid cash.Admittedly this is usually to dps workmates and family who are all joiners,sparkies builders and plasterers,though!!!!

Don't pay until job is completed and you are satisfied though

NotanOtter · 24/03/2009 21:13

you only pay when you are happy with the job

if he earns under a certain amount he wont pay vat anyway

i dont mind getting cash out - esp if it helps someone in the economic climate tbh

NotanOtter · 24/03/2009 21:14

you lucky thing wrinkly!

a sparky plasterer and joiner are what i DREAM my sons will be!

morningpaper · 24/03/2009 21:14

I think tax avoidance is wrong

hobbgoblin · 24/03/2009 21:15

Is better than one who asks for payment kind, nudge nudge wink wink

QuintessentialShadow · 24/03/2009 21:16

Pay on completion of work.

He might not even be registered for VAT.

Most gardeners / labourers/ fencers, deck builders I have used, have asked for cash.

morningpaper · 24/03/2009 21:16

the issue is income tax - which they will pay if they earn above 6k

NotanOtter · 24/03/2009 21:22

once when we were virtually bankrupting ourselves over a build (i hated the house and sold it as soon as it was completed!) dh was carrying 40k in a placky bag!

LikerabbitsBX · 02/04/2009 15:14

Having a husband as a carpenter. He takes whatever method of payment the customer feels happy with. Job under £1000 would be upon completion, whereas if he was making and building a wardrobe he would take a deposit of 50-60% and then final payment on completion. Payment by cash cheque, BACS.

He always provides a written quotation, invoice and on larger paid jobs a contract of works. This is for him and the customers peace of mind.

Also, just want to add that just because a tradesman takes cash does not mean he is on the fiddle! Cutomers often insist on cash!

quinne · 02/04/2009 15:27

the other way of looking at it is that even if they require bank payment, it doesn't mean that you'll get a good job. The thing to do is to work out if you are going to be happy with his work without thinking about how the money gets paid and then structure the payments so you are protected against not being happy with the work.

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