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We have exchanged contracts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now help me stop panicking...

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raggedtrouseredphilanthropist · 21/03/2009 17:19

So, finally, the day has come where I know I am REALLY out of here! We exchanged yesterday!
So, while this is absolutely FANTASTIC I now have less than 3 weeks to find a rental property (with a dog, housing benefit and a child - not as easy as you might think), sort out and pack, hire a van, get people to help me move...
And I am starting to panic.
Please, tell me reassuring things to calm me down!

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lalalonglegs · 21/03/2009 17:22

Removal people can be sorted at a couple of days' notice, get down the letting agencies and hire a skip and you'll be fine. Many areas have a glut of rental properties at the moment so it might not be as difficult as you imagine. Well done for selling.

JimmyMcNulty · 21/03/2009 19:48

Hopefully you'll be surprised. We moved into a rented house just before Christmas - we have two large dogs and a hyperactive toddler who ran around screeching while we did the viewing. We offered £200 per month less than the asking and she still bit our hand off! But there are an awful lot of houses to rent around here, mostly people who have not been able to sell (though ours wasn't trying to).

SamVimesIsMyHero · 21/03/2009 20:55

Congratulations! I hope I'll be in the same position in a few months
Right move have got lots of helpful info and checklists...have a look
preparing to move check list
the week before check list and moving day check list

Hope they help and good luck!

raggedtrouseredphilanthropist · 21/03/2009 21:20

Jimmy - that is very encouraging!

lalalonglegs - hmm, a skip is a very good idea..
SamVines - thanks for those lists, they are fantastic. I will start to work my way through them...

A list, just what I needed!

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