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Anyone familiar with north yorkshire?

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unavailable · 18/03/2009 10:00

We are moving to north yorkshire. I only know the area from a holiday a few years back. The pickering/malton area looks the best bet for practical reasons.

I liked Pickering when we passed through , but dont know Malton at all. Ideally, a market town or large village with amenities would suit us. We dont need to worry about schools. Any recommendations to help me narrow down a search?

OP posts:
rempy · 18/03/2009 10:07

Suspect Malton will be more expensive - that bit closer to York and could potentially commute to Leeds too.

Nice proper market town, lots of villages nearby.

Helmsley rather more expensive/upmarket, conservative, or perhaps Conservative, traditional, lots of fudge shops for tourists, the odd boutique selling Hunters and padded jackets. My parents moved there from a nearby village and had to be cash buyers to actually get into the property system. Although that was a couple of years ago it is one of those places that the downturn will pass by I suspect.

Kathyis6incheshigh · 18/03/2009 10:18

I live near Pocklington about 10 miles east of York, but we spend a lot of time in N Yorks and I think it is a great area.
Malton is very nice - it is a 'proper' town with lots of traditional independent businesses in it. I can't imagine living in Helmsely, seems a bit twee and touristy.
Pickering seems nice too.
Sorry this isn't very specific!!!

unavailable · 18/03/2009 11:28

Thanks. I think Helmsley is too far west for us, and I agree that its too chocolate boxy to actually want to live there. We are to moving to get away from gritty urban (or even suburban) but Helmsley would be like living in a bread commercial.

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 18/03/2009 12:14

PILs live in Skipton which I think is a lovely town - affordable (compared to many); good links to Leeds/Bradford; grammar school system if that appeals.

bottersnike · 21/03/2009 15:14

If you like market towns you could also try Easingwold. For villages with amenities, Strensall or Haxby (just north of York).
Malton is lovely too though.

NotanOtter · 24/03/2009 21:08

fab schools in Skipton and Ripon

i am education obsessed so I would go for one of them iiwy

i am on border of N YORKS

pinkem · 24/03/2009 21:17

I grew up in a place called Bedale (Gateway to the Dales!), a great market town (6 Pubs). It is 45 mins from York, 25mins from Ripon and the nearest big town is Northallerton about 15mins away.

fatzak · 24/03/2009 21:25

We lived in Thirsk for a while and also in a village between Boroughbridge and Knaresborough. There are so many lovely market towns and villages then of course Ripon and Harrogate.

foxytocin · 24/03/2009 21:25

i like bedale. richmond for me.

smurfgirl · 24/03/2009 21:27

Northallerton is very nice. I like Pocklington too (Kathy you are nearish to me - I am in Hull).

Malton is v.expensive.

Where do you need to commute to? North Yorkshire is HUGE.

pinkem · 24/03/2009 21:28

Yes Richmond is nice aswell.

duckyfuzz · 24/03/2009 21:29

pickering/malton not practical from a getting anywhere else pov, traffic/roads not great richmond/thirsk/ripon area nearer to transport links, v nice and good schools

foxytocin · 24/03/2009 21:31

agree w duckyfuzz

Twinklemegan · 24/03/2009 21:31

Malton itself isn't too expensive IIRC - it depends what you go for. The surroundings are very expensive and understandably so with such beautiful scenery on the doorstep. Old Malton is nice and probably much more expensive than New Malton.

Don't forget to consider the north part of East Yorks as many parts are cheaper and just as nice (nicer IMO). I never really got on with N Yorks - give me E Yorks anyday.

smurfgirl · 24/03/2009 21:33

E.Yorks is lush isn't it!! I am desp to leave Hull for that area, it is very affordable and very very pretty.

Twinklemegan · 24/03/2009 21:34

From what Smurfgirl said, perhaps I don't recall correctly .

Twinklemegan · 24/03/2009 21:36

Smurfgirl - I used to work in Hull and live near Driffield. We moved to N Yorks for a new job after I got fed up with commuting 120 miles a day. It was the biggest mistake ever.

I love where we are now (Highlands) but I still miss my little cottage in E Yorks.

smurfgirl · 24/03/2009 21:38

My DH works in central Hull and so will I (hopefully) so we can't move too far away, looking at Beverley.

Beverley is very very nice BTW - but maybe too urban?

I looked at Malton briefly a while back and was surprised at how expensive it was for whats there (not much IMO).

Twinklemegan · 24/03/2009 21:45

Beverley's lovely - I'd live there. I really miss it, especially the Westwood. We couldn't afford Beverley or the villages when we lived down there. And when we moved to N Yorks we must have bought the smallest 2 bed cottage in the whole county.

With Malton I was talking relatively compared with the over-inflated prices elsewhere in the county. Almost everywhere in N Yorks is overpriced IMHO. I do love the Dales though, but it sounds like that's too far west for the OP.

Where do you need to commute to, Unavailable?

Concordia · 24/03/2009 21:46

north yorks is huge. it can take over 2 hours to drive from one side to the other (believe me,i have done it too often). so it depends where you need to be.
skipton and ripon have grammar schools which may or may not be your cup of tea.
ryedale is one of the most expensive areas in the country but is absolutely lovely.
think about whether you want to be in reasonable travelling distance of a city such as york, leeds or hull or the NE cities. some parts of north yorks are very flat and some are very hilly. if you need to be someone quickly it helps if you are near the A1 as it is really the only road of any speed. unfortunately, (if you like hills) this is the flat bit.
the coast is nice too - scarboro, whitby, filey, bridlington

unavailable · 25/03/2009 10:46

Oh, thanks for all the new replies. I really should keep up.

DP has job in Scarborough. I am currently looking , but most likely to find something suitable in either Scarborough or York, so A64 area looks like best bet.

Twinkle, can I ask why you regret moving to N Yorks from East Yorks?

OP posts:
Twinklemegan · 26/03/2009 10:47

Not a very helpful comment really, was it? I was living near Northallerton and I just didn't like it, but I did have issues at work which didn't help matters. We were mortgaged to the hilt on a tiny house that wasn't suitable. It was just a disaster. But if we'd got the house we originally wanted (even smaller, but nicer) and my job had worked out better I'm sure I'd feel very differently.

I loved the friendliness of East Yorks and I loved the feeling of living somewhere gorgeous that hardly anyone knew about. It felt "real" somehow - real people living in real villages with real country life going on around us. N Yorks, by comparison (where we were anyway) felt fake and commuterish. That probably doesn't make any sense at all. I think if you fall in love with somewhere, then nowhere else is going to compare.

unavailable · 26/03/2009 10:58

I know what you mean Twinkle. I like what you say about East Yorks. I may add that to my list when we go up to explore

OP posts:
Twinklemegan · 26/03/2009 10:58

But now to be more helpful. If you look south of the A64 you're on the northern edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. The Wolds are lovely (even the bits in N Yorks ). On the A64 itself, Sherburn is a nice village I seem to remember. Good luck.

mrspnut · 26/03/2009 20:56

If he's going to be working in Scarborough then I would try looking down the coast towards Bridlington.

Bridlington is very cheap and compared to York you will get twice as much for your money.

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