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loft appartments

18 replies

noddyholder · 11/03/2009 18:04

Would you like to live in one?What would put you off?looking for pros and cons really.We nearly bought one and chickened out and bought a house Dp now keen again

OP posts:
Lulumama · 11/03/2009 18:07

selling it on .. if i did not have children, and had a lifestyle, i think i would love one ! i find new builds a bit soulless and characterless. but that is just how i feel

why did you chicken out?

although i expect now flats in partic. in city centres etc are half price, so a great time to buy one

NorbertDentressangle · 11/03/2009 18:08

I'm not keen on having anyone living above or below me (or next door for that matter ) because of potential noise problems so that would be one thing that would put me off.

noddyholder · 11/03/2009 18:11

We chickened out I think because I have always had a bit of a family open house type home and I couldn't let it go.We are now in a biggish 4 bed house with one teenager(15) who rarely is in at weekends etc and this place just doesn't feel 'right'.the appartment is over 2 floors above a gallery.It has 3 terraces and big rooms and stunning views but agree no character apart from a few beams and vault type is about lifestyle i think.Dp wants us to live it up while my health is good which is what we should have done last year!

OP posts:
Lulumama · 11/03/2009 18:18

i guess if you can afford to stay long term ish and have a grand old time sipping chardonnay on the terrace and watching your floor length voile curtains swaying gently in the breeze, whilst you have one or two copies of Vogue artfully arragnged on an a glass console table, on the stripped floors, then go for it!!

i would love a lifestyle

Lulumama · 11/03/2009 18:18

if it is above a gallery will there be parties and events and stuff that would impact on you? what about parking?

noddyholder · 11/03/2009 18:20

lulu that is what i am seduced by

OP posts:
Lulumama · 11/03/2009 18:30

ah yes, noddy, but is that your life, or are you a quick cup of luke warm wine out of a box left over from Xmas, with an out of date copy of people's friend shoved down the side of the sofa!

i think that is the thing about these sorts of apartments, they are aspirational, but when you are living your real life in them, are you going to feel cheated/disappointed?

NorbertDentressangle · 11/03/2009 18:37

What about a garden?

What about general greenery?

Will you not miss it?

noddyholder · 11/03/2009 18:51

Not bothered about greenery etc as parks all around.i am a bit of a middle aged sex and the city!We love cafes theatre etc and our kids parties in teh garden days are over.I think because of where it is I would have a great time!Am thinking about it Dp is sold!

OP posts:
NorbertDentressangle · 11/03/2009 22:05

It sounds like you've already made up your mind!

expatinscotland · 11/03/2009 22:13

I lived in one with a boyfriend. It is very much a lifestyle.

The con is definitely the storage issue. As in, there usually isn't any and you have to build it all in. But you could see that as a pro as well.

I found the high ceilings a bit of wasted space unless of course you're creative with what you do with them.

Oh, and ours had a spiral staircase. Uggggh! I hated that!

Can be a bit easy to hear your neighbour, too, depending on how they are built.

If I had to live in one it would definitely be a conversion and not a new build billed as 'lofts' - those have more character.

Ours used to be a warehouse.

drivingmecrackers · 11/03/2009 22:36

if it's a converted warehouse then definitely go for it, not that i've lived in one and wouldn't with young DCs but they're very cool. it would also make me feel younger!

noddyholder · 12/03/2009 07:17

I am def not sold still can't decide!This is about a big lifestyle change for all of us

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 12/03/2009 08:03

It is a lifestyle. And then there's maintenance charges for the building, too, something to consider.

Ours wasn't loud, it's not well-tolerated in most places in the US, but some in Edinburgh were because there were young professionals there who did enjoy a party.

noddyholder · 12/03/2009 08:06

As dp says living in a big family house just emphasises that we are not a big family!I know he is right so am going to check it out.It has its own entrance so no sharing but there are 4 in the development side by side.They are on the corners of the building so fab views and quite private Will check the charges.

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 12/03/2009 10:49

I think they (mostly) look very 1990s and need a very clever fit out to breathe life into them. I think the space can be awkward and, because they were not designed for residential use, they often need lots of upgrading to make them suitable as a home. I'd also be wary of living above/near commercial premises - it might be a gallery now but check what planning bracket that puts it in: could it easily be changed to another sort of retail unit where there will be deliveries all the time? Views and being central would probably tempt me but, if it a shell or needs a complete refit, I think you would struggle to make your money back. City centre living has kind of died a bit of death thanks to massive over-development by second-rate builders.

noddyholder · 12/03/2009 11:34

This is a small development in a very good area so not too worried about re sale.It is in Brighton.The interior has already been divided up and has a central stair case and 2 floors All the bedrooms are on teh lower floors with full height windows and en suites.the top floor has a huge living kitchen and another room.All have terraces or balconies Oak floors and do need a bit of colour I think.i am still not sure but do fancy a bit of a change

OP posts:
noddyholder · 12/03/2009 11:37

There is also a penthouse style appartment for sale in a similar area which might be btter for us.

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