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Could I have a vote on this curtain fabric please?

24 replies

emkana · 09/03/2009 22:13

for a room that's otherwise all neutral

OP posts:
MadBadandDangerousToKnow · 09/03/2009 22:15

Colour on this screen is a bit off-key, but I think I like it. I'd be worried, though, that the fabric is described as 'delicate'.

Shitemum · 09/03/2009 22:17

I like it but might it not be a bit too much on a big area? Don't know, have never really had curtains except plain velvet ones!
It might look pretty stunning actually. Is there any way you can see how it will look - i mean can the shop unroll it and hold it up?

Havent seen you on here for ages...

Shitemum · 09/03/2009 22:18

mad bad - i think they mean it cant be used for upholstery.

emkana · 09/03/2009 22:27

RL getting in the way

and then when I do come back I start an aibu thread and think what am I doing here...

OP posts:
MadBadandDangerousToKnow · 09/03/2009 22:28

Well, yes, that is my guess. But I was also wondering whether it was robust enough to stand up to regular cleaning if (perhaps) emkana's children are still at the spraying ribena over everything stage.

controlfreakythecontrolfreak · 09/03/2009 22:29

i think i like it.... but it's a bit rust coloured /orangey for me...

Shitemum · 09/03/2009 22:29

Yes, had visions of small people swinging on lovely curtains...

choosyfloosy · 09/03/2009 22:30

Oh I absolutely love it. Glorious.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull · 09/03/2009 22:31

I like it, would work in a bigger room IMO

wombleprincess · 10/03/2009 07:34

its a bit dated, im very ho

MadBadandDangerousToKnow · 10/03/2009 09:28

Hmm. I think it's classic and timeless, rather than dated. Having something that doesn't scream 'these curtains were made in spring 2009' is a very good thing, unless you're planning to change them every year, IMVHO.

noddyholder · 10/03/2009 09:30

colour is a bit dated but lovely fabric

emkana · 10/03/2009 12:59

I was wondering if they were a bit too fussy. The colour I do like, just thought that more cream would be a bit bland in the room

OP posts:
shortcircuit · 10/03/2009 13:24

sorry I'm not keen. I think terracota has had it's day really - does it come in other colours ?

noddyholder · 10/03/2009 13:28

Do they come in a deeper red?

noddyholder · 10/03/2009 13:30

there is a cecile in antique which is gorgeous but i can't do links

brimfull · 10/03/2009 13:32

as long as you don't have rust coloured furniture

emkana · 10/03/2009 20:37

I'm glad to say that we don't have rust coloured furniture

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 10/03/2009 20:39

I think it's had it's day too. Sorry, I normally love Sanderson stuff.

warthog · 10/03/2009 20:40

i think it's very pretty

Galava · 10/03/2009 20:43

I dont like it either. Sorry.

Reminds me of what my mil would have

andyrobo237 · 10/03/2009 20:47

Another 'no' vote - too terracotta which has had its day - and I can say that having a similar coloured couch!

lalalonglegs · 10/03/2009 21:07

A bit John Lewis iykwim. Don't take any notice of me though - you would struggle to find any pair of curtains that I approved of .

kitsmummy · 11/03/2009 15:01

No, v 1990s if you ask me. Have you tried Osborne & Little?

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