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Need to design period cottage kitchen and bathroom on a budget - anyone done this?

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LadyThompson · 02/03/2009 21:33

There is barely a kitchen at all so need to start from scratch with units and appliances and even floor coverings. Bathroom is usable but not very nice and want something more traditional. I know what I'd have in both cases if I had tons of cash but I don't...Has anyone found any nice kitchen or bathroom stuff that would befit a very early 19th century property but won't break the bank? I wonder if I might try auctions?

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blithedance · 02/03/2009 21:47

Depends how traditional you want to go and how concerned about authenticity you are. Over-elaborate reproduction is a bit naff. Only using genuine vintage fittings shows admirable dedication but might take ages to find and not be very easy to fit or live with. You could try being a bit creative with the basics and dress it up with accessories, then upgrade/replace as you find things.

You could say get a cheap IKEA kitchen, some replacement MDF doors and paint them a nice Farrow and Ball colour. ( Timber worktop, not too many cupboards, some unmatched vintagey plate racks etc that you can pick up as and when. I would not go for an AGA or range, just an understated, decent modern cooker. Save money by fitting as much as you can yourself. Quarry tile floor?

If your house is that old you will probably spend all your money fixing the roof and have to build a kitchen out of bricks and planks!

LadyThompson · 03/03/2009 09:17

Thank you, some useful tips there. Er, I hope you are wrong about the roof though....As to an Aga, I don't care for them, and my FIL's gas bill is £125 a month thanks to his. No thanks!

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MaplePecanPlait · 03/03/2009 09:34

We have a period farmhouse and I am looking at a new bathroom ATM. My budget will stretch to Bathstore and I was really impressed with the showroom and salesman who gave me really good advice which was very objective ie. that shower is no good for a large family etc.

They have traditiona pieces and more modern stuff and also very plain classic stuff for the middle road. He said we could get all the 'top end' stuff I liked (funny how I can pick out the more expensive stuff in any range) for under £2k which I thought was quite good. Fitting, buying and installing tiles is on top of that though so under £4k I hope. We are going for modern as I am tired of the Shaker traditional style we have got ourselves into....

MaplePecanPlait · 03/03/2009 09:36

PS saw some lovely kitchen units in Habitat, although not the cheapest they are quite stylish and freestanding so you could take away if you move. Or just add some into mix up the style.

noddyholder · 03/03/2009 13:38

Ikea do really good solid worktops in oak at a fraction of the cost of others The beech ones are dreadful though!Get inexpensive base units and get a carpenter to build open shelves in thick mdf into all teh other eye level space.perhaps find a dresser in the local junk shops and paint in farrow and ball.There are some good sinks and taps available in salvage yards.Buy normal inexpensive tiles in a muted colour and get teh tiler to do them in a brick pattern This even works with square tiles.Do the same with the bathroom carpenters are not as expensive as you may think.Tongue and groove is good too it covers a multitude of sins

pcworld · 03/03/2009 14:08

I have the Ikea solid oak worktops and am very pleased with them, we've had them in place for over a year and they still look good despite heavy use.

lalalonglegs · 03/03/2009 14:08

ebay ebay ebay

LadyThompson · 03/03/2009 14:59

This is all really useful, thank you.

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