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Stone effect floor tiles?

16 replies

Pristina · 18/02/2009 12:49

There is a Wickes ad about this at the moment which sounds quite interesting. I'm thinking for the hall/study/Kitchen- they are supposed to be easier and cheaper to fit than proper stone. Anyone have any experience of this?

OP posts:
notsoteenagemum · 18/02/2009 17:07

Bumping because I quite fancy them!

Pristina · 18/02/2009 18:50

Bump away, I am obsessing about new flooring in my downstairs.

OP posts:
AllyAlly · 18/02/2009 19:25

My husband's friend has these in his kitchen and I commented on how lovely the stone flags are b/c I honestly thought they were stone.

Pristina · 18/02/2009 19:35

ooh, any idea where he got them from?

OP posts:
AllyAlly · 18/02/2009 20:05

No but will get hubby to ask him tonight & will report back.

Pristina · 18/02/2009 20:15


OP posts:
AllyAlly · 19/02/2009 21:47

Hi - he got them from Wickes. Good luck, they do look lovely & very real!!

trixymalixy · 19/02/2009 21:48

OOoh, are they on the web anywhere?

I like the sound of these.

Pristina · 19/02/2009 21:51

Thanks Ally,ally, I will try and obtain some samples from them.

OP posts:
TheSonnetts · 19/02/2009 22:02

I had limestone effect tiles from here which were recommended to me by a mumsnetter - they look very realistic.

AllyAlly · 19/02/2009 22:08

Here are a couple of tile effect laminate flooring (the last 2)

Pristina · 19/02/2009 22:10

Sonnetts, there was some great info and pics on your link.

Allyally, may cross post but I found this on the Wickes website

OP posts:
Pristina · 19/02/2009 22:12

Also this nice bathroom presumably at lowish Wickes prices.

OP posts:
AllyAlly · 19/02/2009 22:14

Oooh I really like those ones Pristina {smile} & they could easily be used in your hall/study/kitchen. I hope you have a Wickes near you.

Pristina · 19/02/2009 22:21

Not only do I have a Wickes nearby, AllyAlly, I am blessed with a Wickes EXTRA , and I will be popping along there tomorrow. I have now lined up my tiles, and my new Howdens kitchen and bathrooms. All that's left is finding the money to pay for it all, but thanks for your help in the meantime!

OP posts:
AllyAlly · 19/02/2009 22:34

You must have had so much fun choosing everything - are you hoping to get the work done soon? I can't wait until we move & have a bigger house & I can go browsing/shopping

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