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Looking for a 4 metre(400cm) curtain pole!

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clarebear1 · 16/02/2009 10:34

Anyone know where i can find one,not too expensive either!

OP posts:
bodiddly · 16/02/2009 19:04

what type are you looking for ... timber or metal? any idea what diameter you want the pole to be - is it for light or heavyweight curtains?

jalopy · 17/02/2009 17:07

Not cheap but John Lewis sell different length of poles.

If you have a particularly wide window, you can buy 2 separate poles, saw each end of them to the required length and finally join them up with a special connecting piece.

It's a palava but do-able.

clarebear1 · 17/02/2009 18:10

hmmmm ok,
er nt sure what diameter,not too thin, weve not got heavy curtains but would want it to be able to take heavy ones incase we ever change them.
Any material at the mo cheaper the better

OP posts:
bodiddly · 17/02/2009 18:12

I will have a look for you while I am in work tomorrow in that case.

lou031205 · 17/02/2009 18:39

clarebear, any 4m curtain pole will be mega expensive. When we looked 5 years ago, it was about £70.

We did what jalopy suggests, and it works really well.

bodiddly · 18/02/2009 15:24

am just looking at work and you can get 3.6m or even 3.8m (only one choice) as standard but above that you either need to order a bespoke one to be made or join as the others have explained

oxocube · 18/02/2009 15:25


pud1 · 18/02/2009 15:44


clarebear1 · 18/02/2009 19:17

gonna get 2 and join them i think DP says

OP posts:
oxocube · 18/02/2009 19:55

Actually, thinking about it, I did that for dd's room. She has a window of about 3.5mtrs wide and I used 2 cheap ikea rods together. Cost about Eu5 altogether

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