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long metal steps to get down to a garden:dangerous for children?

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vannah · 12/02/2009 19:55

seen a lovely 2 bed flat in ideal location, ticks all the boxes except its a raised ground floor flat, and the garden is the rear section of a largish garden which you can access via a long metal staircase (with gaps)
would you buy it if you had a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old. Obviously all garden sessions would be supervised i wouldnt leave them out there alone, but just fear a nasty accident somewhere along the line.

any experience of this kind of thing?

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nappyaddict · 13/02/2009 07:47

I think it would be ok as long as you don't expect them to go into the garden by themselves.

CaptainKarvol · 13/02/2009 08:12

I so wouldn't. We passed on a house last time we moved becuase the garden was down a long metal staircase and we were thinking of starting a family, and of aging parents visiting.

I guess in part it depends how long you see yourself living there - I'd be more worried about active and adventurous 7-8 year olds than tiny (supervisable) toddlers.

Pannacotta · 13/02/2009 15:20

This would put me off.
COuld the metal steps be replaced with wide, shallow wooden steps (enclosed and hand rails)? This would be safer and nicer for everyone to use, though probably expensive to put in.

vannah · 13/02/2009 21:16

thankyou..will try to research alternative steps. cKarvol prob 5 yrs...

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