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Wooden slatted shutters, are they worth the money?

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Pannacotta · 09/02/2009 17:13

Need some window treatment for privacy in our bedroom as we are quite overlooked and also to help keep the room warmer as it is very cold at the moment (large square bay), so thinking of wooden shutters but bit put off by the price...

Any thoughts/recommendations most welcome!

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Pannacotta · 09/02/2009 22:23


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WobblyPig · 09/02/2009 22:26

What kind of house do you have. In my area lots of angled bay-windowed Victorian houses have them and they look lovely but agree the price is a big deterrent. Don't look so good with the Edwardian box- bays.

Pannacotta · 09/02/2009 22:33

It is Victorian with very large (cold) windows. We have one angled bay and one large square bay, it's not really a box bay as the windows all have a gap between them so think shutters woudl look good but cant get my head round the cost.
I would get wooden venetian blinds (much cheaper) but they are hard to keep clean as they flap about while you try to dust them!!

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WobblyPig · 09/02/2009 22:36

We have gone with cheap wooden blinds cos we can't justify the cost at the moment. I think they are lovely and are on my wish list for the next 2 years afte rhte loft is done. If you can afford them I think they add a lot to the style of the house. Lots and lots in SW london. i particualrly like the natural wood ones .

Pannacotta · 09/02/2009 22:38

Thanks WP I think it may be blinds for us too, subject to price as not sure DH will go for shutters at that cost.
Might see if I can haggle a discount though...

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