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Cream or White Shaker style kitchen? Can't decide

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ScotGirl · 02/02/2009 13:00

Getting a new kitchen and have narrowed it down to 2... Want a light (not wood) one and already discounted white gloss as too impractical - 2 small kids and sun streams into kitchen showing up every mark.

Anyway it is either a "Howden Hamilton here" (but with black or white thick worktops - not wood) or "Magnet Tatton here"(again with black worktop, not wood). Price wise there is not much in it.

Thinking about a light coloured floor as kitchen doesn't lead to garden so no muddy feet. The overall look I like is "Like this"

Going round in circles as I like both but concered white will be took clinical and cold. Rest of the house is cream and frenchy style (roccoco fireplace etc) but not gold and OTT!

OP posts:
jalopy · 02/02/2009 14:41

Go for cream. White would definitely be too clinical.

I'd go for a warm, darker colour for flooring. We have inherited a white tiled floor and it's the bane of my life. Everything shows up on it including spillages, marks etc. I have to clean several times a week to stop it looking scuzzy.

BonsoirAnna · 02/02/2009 14:43

Is it painted? My parents have a cream painted wood shaker-style kitchen and it's a PITA to keep clean. It shows every last finger mark and is fragile to clean.

ProfessorCalculus · 02/02/2009 14:43

We had a cream shaker kitchen in our old house and I loved it. It was a lovely warm colour but still very light. White can look a bit harsh.

eNABlemetobebetter · 02/02/2009 14:45

Cream, definitely.

McDreamy · 02/02/2009 14:46


LadyArden · 02/02/2009 15:59

Probably cream as well, but definitely a darker flooring to give a contrast.

And I agree with the comments about painted units. I know someone with a v expensive Mark Wilkinson white painted Shaker kitchen and she is forever having problems with scratch marks caused by everyday usage.

LadyArden · 02/02/2009 16:00

Btw, all 3 kitchens look lovely- I'm very jealous.

ScotGirl · 02/02/2009 18:11

thanks for the comments - looks like I should go for the Magnet one...

my friend has dark slate grey almost black floor ties and she says they are a nightmare - shows every crumb - hence why I was thinking lighter might be better.

Tiles to cold for our drafty kitchen so thinking laminate or the like..

OP posts:
sorrento · 02/02/2009 18:32

I'm haing tatton installed on Monday with black slate look Rhinoflooring, basically cushioned viynal so it's warm but washable with a 20 year guarantee and only £20sqm fitted.

cece · 02/02/2009 18:37

Have you looked at Magnet Trade?

I would say cream is a warmer colour than white. I agree don't go too light on the floor tiles.

ScotGirl · 02/02/2009 19:43

I phoned Magnet and there is not much in it at the moment what with the sale between the Trade and Normal people prices.

The appeal of Magnet is that the are giving you a free AEG hob, oven, integrated dishwaster and cooker hood if you spend £3500. Not he best but this is not my forever house moving in 2 years at the latest - the the current Bosch dishwasher can go in the cellar till the next house (which will be the forever one!)

OP posts:
ProfessorCalculus · 02/02/2009 20:01

£3500 is a lot. Does that include installation?

LadyArden · 02/02/2009 20:18

Is £3,500 really a lot for a Magnet kitchen all in- appliances, tiles etc? Maybe we can afford a new one after all.

I also know someone who finds her dark grey floor tiles a nightmare in terms of crumbs, and she advises a medium, speckly type tile if you don't want to clean every day.

ScotGirl · 02/02/2009 20:18

No - installation is on top and the worktops too... getting it fitted by an independent fitter.

I thought it was ok with the appliances as well.

OP posts:
noonki · 02/02/2009 20:27

cream here on first impressions - looks more homely.

KristinaM · 02/02/2009 20:28

just to disagree with everyone else.....

if you are going for a modern look i woudl go for white. if you are worried about it looking too clinical put another colour on the walls, like farrow and ball french grey

i think cream will look too "country kitchen", esp with the white or black worktops

we had a pale grey painted kitchen installed year ago and its really easy to clean. no scratches either ( photos on profile)

we don't have a white floor though. but i am a lazy slut and our kitchen leads to the back door

ProfessorCalculus · 02/02/2009 21:49

No, I guess it's a fair price with the appliances. I paid much less for my units but the appliances cost around £2k.

kikid · 02/02/2009 21:54

Cream is warmer & looks great with dark floors & worktops. Even with kids & dogs

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