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Car failed MOT on lamps in not good working order but lights work???

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daisycat01 · 01/02/2009 21:53

Hi, my car has failed its MOT, 2lights failed on item 1.1.4a in not good working order and 1 has failed on 1.1.4a not in a clean condition and function impared. My husband has been out today and cant work out the problem as he thinks all 3 lights work and that the bulb dont need replacing. Do I need to clean the fuses? Could it be that the car is just dirty?!! Can you fix "dull" headlamps?


OP posts:
nancy75 · 01/02/2009 21:55

tbh i would just get new bulbs, i think they are a couple of pounds each and easy to fit yourself, and give the car a clean - its cheaper than failing the mot again

redclover79 · 01/02/2009 22:36

Could be that the car is dirty?! DP is a mechanic and says it could also be that the lights are misaligned, ie pointing too far up or down. Hope that helps!

KingCanuteIAm · 01/02/2009 22:38

Couldn't you ask the garage that failed it? They should be happy to explain it to you, especially if it is only tiny things!

redclover79 · 01/02/2009 22:38

To clarify, if you bought in a mud-caked landrover he could refuse to test it, therefore if the lights weren't clean, he is not allowed to clean them up before testing (it would be breaking the law!), it's down to the customer before sending it to MOT.

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