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Can I force my neighbour to pigeon proof?

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HeadFairy · 30/01/2009 13:45

I live in a top floor flat at the end of a terrace of converted houses. Most of the houses are converted in to flats, and most of the top floor ones have roof gardens (as do we) Last summer, after complaints from neighbours, I spent nearly £2000 pigeon proofing our roof garden (there was a space under the decking where the pigeons could nest) putting spikes everywhere, blocking off access to the space under the deck. We had to lift all the decking, remove all the nests (and dead birds - yeuch) spray using industrial pesticide, all of which had to be done using a cherry picker which cost lots to hire.

Now two doors down have got the same problem, there's a space under their deck where the pigeons can roost so they've set up home there. There are pigeon droppings absolutely everywhere, there are birds all over the place. It took me two days this week to scrub our deck to get rid of the droppings, but they're going to come back because they're roosting so close.

I think the flat is tennanted, there always seems to be different people in there every few months, but surely the landlord has a responsibility to sort this out? Does anyone know what my rights are? The pigeon fouling is obviously a health risk.

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PuzzleRocks · 30/01/2009 16:02

Bumping for you.

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