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can I get wuite gloss out of a carpet?

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thecatisdecorating · 27/01/2009 12:13

DH ran to the doorbell the other day when I was painting downstairs and stood on the dustsheet which had paint on. I did not notice until it was already dry that he has left white foot print marks in several places on a dark red carpet (not really heavy, the front of toe).

Can I get this out without ruining the carpet?

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 27/01/2009 16:22

Test a tiny bit with white spirit?

charitygirl · 27/01/2009 16:25

yes! test with w/s. if ok, then put quite a lot on. it will get it out. i actually tipped a whole pot of white gloss onto pale green carpet, doused it in w/s, and now you truly wouldn't know.

whoingodsnameami · 27/01/2009 16:25

If its only a little cant you just cut it out?

thecatisdecorating · 27/01/2009 16:58

unforrtunately its just too much to cut out. I will try white spirit. It wont bleach it?

It is going soon ish, but we are umming and arring about getting the loft done so wont replace it until that is decided, which will take months, then get done which will take even longer! So in the meantime I do not want it to look to awful, as it will detract from my nice new paint work (which in itself is a bit pointless as it will get ruined if we get loft done, but was minging and I could stand it no longer)

OP posts:
charitygirl · 27/01/2009 18:11

it didn't bleach mine, but test a bit somewhere unobtrusive like under sofa first!

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