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Help - UPVC windows, any recommendations please?

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PandaG · 07/01/2009 12:53

as the title really. Need new windows including a door and a bay. In Sheffield. Does anyone have any recommendations of suppliers, either national or local?

And how hard can we bargain in the current climate?

Boring I know but thanks!

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mumoverseas · 07/01/2009 14:52

can't help with anyone in the Sheffield area but just before Christmas we decided to get some quotes in the hope of a bargain. We were originally planning on replacing all windows and front door and patio doors in the summer and had banked on around £10,000. We are in Sussex and got a few quotes from local places and one place offered us almost £1,000 off and an upgrade in the type of glass for going ahead in January so they don't have to lay people off. Total cost is just over £5,500. Bargain! Get some quotes and barter as much as you can.

PandaG · 07/01/2009 16:13

thanks very much - we need the new windows but are hoping going ahead soon will hold in our favour for a good price.

anyone got any companies to recommend (or avoid)?

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