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Who was it that helped me with my sitting room layout and suggested the sofas opposite each other?

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WilfSell · 03/01/2009 22:33

And someone else who suggested a slanted sofa layout.

Anyhow we tried both. they were both good. We are currently on opposite. It is LOVELY in a properly harmonious feng shui symmetrical kind of way. I now need some more accessories and lamps. And to finally put up my new curtains

And the kids like running round the sofa and diving over the back of it now it is in the middle of the room


OP posts:
mrsmike · 03/01/2009 22:39

Oooh interesting, I am currently having sofa layout anxieties. At moment they are at right angles, no one likes, slanted has been suggested, the very thought took my breath away, but now may reconsider ...

mrsmike · 03/01/2009 22:44

In fact was indignantly outraged when slanted was mentioned felt like waste of space even in biggish room. Had thought sofas should be against walls but maybe there is another way ...

WilfSell · 03/01/2009 22:55

ah mrs mike: experimentation is the only way!

We have a biggish sitting room otherwise backs against the wall the only option usually. But the opposite option works really well. DH was very sceptical but I think he's now convinced. I went on this website on which you could mess about with layout and see a 3D option. Think it was called ...

OP posts:
johnbarrowmanlovesme · 06/01/2009 19:00

What is slanted then?

lalalonglegs · 06/01/2009 20:54

Oooh, it was me. I was faintly anxious when you didn't post again as I had lots more ideas - so pleased that it has worked out.

WilfSell · 06/01/2009 20:57

thanks lala might even post a photo (eventually) when I get round to curtains.

It really works well and utterly changes the feel of the room. The balance is completely different and it no longer feels like a corridor - much more like my home!

Are you a professional!?

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 06/01/2009 21:08

No, not a professional, just really into layout and colour (can't do fabrics and texture at all but who cares about scatter cushions?). I thought you might also like to consider a run of low cabinets (about 30-40cm high) along the wall with the window on it that you could use for storage, put cushions on for extra seating and the children (if you have small ones, I do so am slightly obsessed) could kneel in front of and use as play table/drawing surface etc.

WilfSell · 06/01/2009 21:46

Yes! The window seat v good idea, though now it is all harmonious, don't want to clutter it up. WE are also trying, now DS3 is a bit older, to impose the 'adult room' plan we started out with . We;ve just moved out a sort of ottoman storage thingy into the hallway which was crammed with toys.

What I'd really like is a console table. But that might be a bit too grown up

I keep looking at walls now and wondering where to hang pictures. Not that I have any, but I am lurking on art threads for future reference.

OP posts:
johnbarrowmanlovesme · 07/01/2009 10:16

I'm intrigued to know what 'slanted sofas' means. Could do with you at our house lala, I feel we have lots of wasted space, sofas in the wrong place etc but can't think how to change it

2k9kids · 07/01/2009 10:21

I LOVE the sound of the low cabinets becoming window seats. Gutted that I have french windows so cant do it!!!

I'm going to look up that website though to see what changes I can make to my living room - i am planning on redecorating soon!
Lala - any ideas you have feel free to pitch in!!! How did you get ideas for wilfsell's room? Did you see a photo of how it was to start with?

2k9kids · 07/01/2009 10:22

Sorry for butting into thread btw.. just sounded interseting!

crumpet · 07/01/2009 10:27

is there a link to the run of cabinets you mentioned? We're looking for something up to about 50 cm high for the kitchen. Thanks

lalalonglegs · 07/01/2009 11:11

2k9kids - I'm just interested in arranging things and the way spaces work. Get onto mydeco and I will work my magic [preen].

crumpet - I was thinking of something like this from Tapley - I got them for a few quid from ebay although mine are wall-hung not just resting on floor. Probably not quite what you are after for kitchen though.

crumpet · 07/01/2009 11:14

thanks - I am off to google. We'd need at least 2 of those as we are looking for something to put the kid's art stuff, dvds and other junk. Wall hung would however be risky as too much of a temptation for 2 year old ds! Jumping is his best thing...

WilfSell · 07/01/2009 11:45

Slanted sofas means at angle (eg in front of a corner) as opposed to flat against the wall.

This worked too but the opposite with one pulled into the middle of the room worked for us.

I imagine my page is still there if anyone wants a look... Will be listed as wilfsell's page.

OP posts:
johnbarrowmanlovesme · 07/01/2009 11:52

Thanks Wilf, will takr a look at mydeco

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