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So in January I have to ....

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OHBollox · 30/12/2008 16:27

Have a new bathroom, upgrade the boiler, have new radiators, new double glazing and a new kitchen. New interior doors, new carpet in a bedroom.
Decorate the babies room and wouldn't mind the study done too.

Am utterly overwhelmed by the decision making, I thought this would be fun

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 30/12/2008 19:48

On the positive side you may get some bargains, on the negative side, make sure you pay for everything on credit card in case the companies go bust.

But by next Christmas, imagine how lovely your place will be!

sleepyeyes · 01/01/2009 20:11

OHBOLLOX we should have start a support thread!

In the next 8-10 weeks we need to:

  • strip awful 80's wallpaper from the whole house
  • Rip out ALL carpets in the house and re-lay new carpets
  • put down wooding flooring in the hall and sitting room
  • Tile the kitchen and bathroom
  • In 3 of the rooms they have styrophome tiles they need to come off
  • Sand one of the window ledges that has go water damage
  • Decorate sitting room
  • Decorate bedroom
  • fix the hole in the ceiling between bathroom and kitchen
  • Have phone line put in DH office
  • New Kitchen
    I'm at your new radiators this house doesn't have any heating system.

    It's going to be a very expensive year.
buktus · 01/01/2009 20:14

We have just spent the last 11 months doing our house up too, new windows, doors throughout, new heating system, new kitchen and utility, 2 new bathrooms, had to decorate evry room, which also included new electrics and switches, new skirtings and doors, we have just the living room left to do but thought we deserved a break over xmas, it has been a mad year

OHBollox · 01/01/2009 21:54

Does anybody find it really overwhelming ordering stuff, I mean I've just bought a smeg fridge and cooker wanted one for the past 20 years, shopped around, compared prices finally ordered it but am worried sick another "offer' will pop up.
Not too bad with a fridge but ordering the kitchen I was a nervous wreck, just am so worried about getting it wrong
On the plus side I got a quote in October for a fitted kitchen, fully intended to go ahead anyway, but asked them if it was still their best price and they knock £600 quid off.
Am wondering weather to look more at the manufactures sites for bathrooms etc rather than homebase or are they all much of a muchness ?

OP posts:
sleepyeyes · 02/01/2009 17:58

OH I know exactly what you mean. I know I want creamy colored walls but I cant decide on the shade. WTF like its going to make a huge difference what Shade it is!

I would have a look at over for Bathroom as this time of year there are generally good sales. But if you like a suite in Homebase and its in your budget then buy.

Buktus we need new skirting is there anywhere you would recommend? Did you DIY or have a professional do it for you?

Eddas · 02/01/2009 18:18

ohbollox, re the quote you were given, don't forget the VAT rate is now 15% not 17.5% so the price should be even less now!

we moved into our house in July 2006 and had to redocrate everything and needed a new bathroom and downstairs toilet asap. Kitchen needs doing too but it'll have to wait as we want to re-do an extension first so it'll cost lots! We have now finished everything except changing the carpets. They will stay until ds is potty trained(he's only 20months)

I find that i'm the same re finding the best deal. I look, then look again,then check and finally order!! I then try not to look at that thing again for fear it will be cheaper

buktus · 02/01/2009 19:44

We got our skirting in wickes and the doors, they do lots of styles, ours are mdf, saves on loads of coats od undercoat,they were the cheapest and dh is a chippy so we did it ourselves.

I completely know what you mean about chossing things, i went through 4 kitchen designs i sure i drove the kitchen planner mad, i went for all neff appliances, they are costly, but good quality and come with fab guarantees, my friends dh is the manager of plumbase so got everything trade there but even so there ranges are still working out cheaper than most diy stores so not sure if you have any in your area but worth a look

Co op electricals is a good place for kitchen aplliances i was going with rangemaster berfore i chose neff and they were cheaper for all appliances all brands

Eddas · 03/01/2009 20:37

ooo buktus my dh works in plumbase. He's how we managed to do our bathroom and downstairs toilet up without much cost

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