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Musty smell in wardrobe and very cold in there (even though room is heated).

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MrsSeanBean · 29/12/2008 21:15

I have a built-in wardrobe (well the front and side of a kind of alcove boxed off) and lately it has been smelling very musty and some clothes have mould on them

This is despite nothing being stored away without being cleaned and I also have cedar balls hanging up.

House is old-ish, about 100 years I think. Wardrobe is on an inside wall. There is no damp anywhere else, if damp is the cause.

Anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening?

OP posts:
mrsmaidamess · 29/12/2008 21:17

Lack of ventilation. Could you drill some holes in the doors, perhaps in a shape so the air can get in?

** This type of thing!!


mrsmaidamess · 29/12/2008 21:18

Oh that didn't work. it was the most beautiful diamond shape when I typed it out.


hippipotami · 29/12/2008 21:19

I heard somewhere, but it may be wrong and in any case it may only relate to outside walls, that one must never hang clothes against a wall because the clothes will act as a wick and suck moisture out of the wall and then they (the clothes) will go mouldy.

Now, it is far more plausible for this to be in relation to an outside wall, and you say the built-in wardrobe is against an inside wall.

But, you mention alcove. Is it next to the chimney breast? And is the chimney breast capped adn sealed or still open? Because if still open this may give you a similar scenario as the outside-wall one.

Or I may be talking bollock because I have been on the Baileys....

Sorry, not sure I am helping...

MrsSeanBean · 29/12/2008 21:23

It is near a chimney breast which is still open.

The wardrobe has been in situ since I moved in over 10 years ago, yet the problem has only occurred in the last couple of months.
It is most mysterious.

I could drill holes but it might look a bid odd with the type of doors I have. Could I leave the doors ajar for a bit to see if that helps and then decide whether holes are required?

OP posts:
Doodle2U · 29/12/2008 21:24


MrsSeanBean · 29/12/2008 21:26

Doodle, don't say that!

I did feel an incredibly eerie and pronounced chill this morning and haunted was actually the first thought that came to mind, but then I told myself not to be so silly.

OP posts:
Goober · 29/12/2008 21:28

It's a ghostie.

MrsSeanBean · 29/12/2008 21:29

Why have I suddenly been haunted though? Are ghosts known to produce mould as well then?

OP posts:
Goober · 29/12/2008 21:31

Mould...... ectoplasm........ it's all goo aint it.?!

Doodle2U · 29/12/2008 21:33

Holy crappola - don't mention mould!

It'll be a nice haunting! A spirit is trapped in your wardrobe and she's not liking your style, that's all. She's telling you you need an image overhaul.

I speak the truth.

Goober · 29/12/2008 21:36

Have we turned this thread into a piss-take Doodle2u?
Was a serious subject matter before we came along.

Doodle2U · 29/12/2008 21:38
MrsSeanBean · 29/12/2008 21:38

Happy to consider all explanantions!

OP posts:
Goober · 29/12/2008 21:40

I'll get my coat.

fossa · 29/12/2008 21:43

Doorway to Narnia?


Doodle2U · 29/12/2008 21:46


I started a thread about real, genuine mould in response to so many Mnetter's admitting to having mouldy bathrooms and IT'S BEEN DELETED!!!! as being part of 'Moldygate' !

I was gonna link for you Mrs Bean!

I'm gonna complain!

MrsSeanBean · 29/12/2008 21:50

Doodle, MN doth protest too much.

OP posts:
MrsSeanBean · 30/12/2008 12:36

Doodle and Goober, I had a very scary dream last night about a ghost in my wardrobe thanks to you!

OP posts:
Doodle2U · 30/12/2008 14:46

Are you absolutely sure it was just a dream MrsBean?

MrsSeanBean · 30/12/2008 15:06

Doodle, don't fuel my paranormal paranoia!

OP posts:
Doodle2U · 30/12/2008 15:35

Ok - well here's what I really think:-

If it's near a chimney, it's only got one thickness of brick between it and the outdoors (via the chimney stack). If the protection on top of the chimney stack has come adrift or is just plain ancient and therefore, weathered to beyond being useful, then the elements are getting in to the chimney and seeping in.

You need a roofer up there to check out the chimney & the soundeness of the roof around the chimney.

In the meantime, put a large dish of salt into the wardrobe to absorb some of the damp and change it regularly!

Give Cedar his balls back as well - they've got an earthy smell of their own (bleugh!).

Finally, if you hear any clanking of chains - get the fook out of there and call a priest straight after you've called the roofer.

Hope this helps

(Top that Goober )

Doodle2U · 30/12/2008 15:37

soundeness I made up yet another new word

nannyL · 30/12/2008 19:14

I was going to seriously post a ghost too

Goober · 30/12/2008 19:27

You are putting far too much thought into this Doodle.

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