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Where can I buy really good artificial flowers online please?

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WilfSell · 29/12/2008 15:27

When I say really good, I mean REALLY GOOD. Not made of horrid plastic stuff.

I know there was somewhere in particular often listed in magazines but can't remember its name: anyone any ideas?


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WilfSell · 29/12/2008 15:45


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duckyfuzz · 29/12/2008 15:47

I have bought from here before, they are pretty good, I like the look of these too though

Sam100 · 29/12/2008 15:48

Try this here

Sam100 · 29/12/2008 15:49

Snap ducky!

duckyfuzz · 29/12/2008 15:51

have you used them before sam? they look lovely

WilfSell · 29/12/2008 15:57

Ah, they look lovely, thanks. If anyone else has other suggestions would be grateful to see them.

I'm planning my January re-arrange and tart up of the sitting room. Need inspiration! And accessories...

Not that I have any money to spend but you've gotta do something cheerful to get you through January, no?

OP posts:
duckyfuzz · 29/12/2008 16:02

same here, am dragging dh to sales tomorrow with a long list of things we 'need' and can't afford!

JackieNo · 29/12/2008 16:04

How about Bloom? Expensive though. I haven't seen them irl.

MrsBadger · 29/12/2008 22:18

oh Jackie has beaten me - Bloom are ace irl

TK Maxx often have them though, vastly reduced, obv

Guitargirl · 29/12/2008 22:26

I ordered from Bloom 5 days before Christmas for my parents' anniversary and even though they said it would take 5-7 days to deliver they got them out within 2 days. Great service and lovely flowers (not cheap though).

annh · 30/12/2008 13:51

I have seen Bloom flowers in real life and they are very impressive. We visited some friends who seemed to be very "into" using them in various rooms. The overall effect was a bit overpowering in their house but individually they were very realistic! Was thinking about using them myself for Christmassy stuff next year rather than spending a fortune on Poinsettas which shed their leaves everywhere.

bluesky · 09/01/2009 20:26

Bloom are brilliant, before we went to Cornwall last year, my husband picked up the vase of lillies from the sitting room and was walking into the kitchen with them.

When I asked him what on earth was he doing, he replied he didn't want the flowers to drop and the pollen stain the carpet whilst we were away ........ he thought they were real.

I did laugh .... and felt they'd passed the test!

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