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Condensation/steam in bathroom

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Chrysanthamum · 27/12/2008 19:59

The 1st room we did up when we moved here was the bathroom. Although we love it, its small and gets totally steamed up after a bath or shower. This means that little black damp spots are appearing on the ceiling and all over the roller blind.
Advice anyone?

OP posts:
ceciliaaherne · 27/12/2008 20:13

Open windows while s]howering and for some time after. You can clean them off, and some cleaners promise they won't reappear. Appreciate you have just done it up, but could you get some special bathroom paint which may avoid this type of thing?

Furball · 27/12/2008 20:15

We shower with the little window open, which is right by the shower and don't feel any cold. Just helps get rid of all the moisture as I do like my shower hot hot hot

RumMum · 27/12/2008 20:16

we have exactly the same thing... our black spots are over the roller blind... I wipe them off with a damp cloth...
they come back though... it doesn't help that ninny darling daughter forgets to open the window and spends hours in there

Chrysanthamum · 27/12/2008 20:17

We have the window wide open nearly all the time. The spots wipe off the ceiling ok but getting them off the blind is tricky. I need a long term solution especially in the cold weather brrrr!Bathroom paint is a good idea.

OP posts:
Frizbe · 27/12/2008 20:19

Can you whack in a fan?

Chrysanthamum · 27/12/2008 20:21

I wondered about a fan. would that do the trick do you think?

OP posts:
Wallace · 27/12/2008 20:34

extractor fan would help. Also leave the light on as much as possible becuase mould thrives in dark

OHBollox · 28/12/2008 19:45

Put a little cold water in the bottom of the bath if your shower is over the bath as that stops the steam.

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