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Having laminate flooring laid, how much for labour?

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Fizzylemonade · 23/12/2008 17:40

We have a fairly rectangular lounge then dining room and want laminate flooring laid. The only awkward cutting will be around the marble hearth.

We want skirting off, laminate laid and new skirting back on and the walls made good if there is any damage.

Has anyone had this done and how much did it cost?

Our lounge dining room is about 28' long and about 12' wide.

Want to know how much I need to save up.

Oh and a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!

OP posts:
bollockbrainASSofBETHLEHEM · 23/12/2008 17:44

i am not sure, but i do know that it will be well worth paying someone to do it. We did hallway lounge, dining room and study ourselves (well DH with me passing things to him) and it is blinking hard work.

DoubleBluff · 23/12/2008 17:54

our carpenter charged £8 a sq maetre to fit

OHBollox · 23/12/2008 19:03

£80 per day here, but come the new year I'd expect prices to drop a little.
Not sure about taking skirting on and off though and making good walls, that's a joiners job and they aren't as cheap.

Fizzylemonade · 24/12/2008 10:01

Thanks, I didn't have any clue as to how much it would be.

We have laid laminate before and my DH is really good but he just doesn't have the time, he laid it in our kitchen and utility which is very awkward about 22' long.

As it is the lounge and dining room we need it laid in as little time as possible hence paying someone to do it.

OP posts:
Bubbaloo · 26/12/2008 11:34

My parents had it laid in their living room and hallway and paid the carpenter around £600 labour which was by far the cheapest quote they got.
Living room is approx 15ftx12ft and hallway is small and narrow.
Hope this help.

Fizzylemonade · 26/12/2008 19:34

Thanks Bubbaloo. Think DH might have to lay it. £600???

OP posts:
Bubbaloo · 26/12/2008 23:42

Honestly...and it only took the chap a day and a half to do!
They got one quote that was over £1,000 which is ridiculous.
I've had laminate laid in a couple of bedrooms before and IIRC they were around £120 each.Was a few years ago though.

Moondancer · 26/12/2008 23:59

We paid to have laminate put down in a previous house, skirting removed first and it turned into an expensive nightmare. Taking the old skirting off did so much damage to the walls and the new skirting never seemed to lie flat against the walls and dust collected on the top of the skirting. Maybe we just struck unlucky with a useless fitter but I vowed there and then never to remove skirting again. In our current house we have laminate throughout downstairs and DD (15) and me did it ourselves. It really is so easy and is quite quick once you get started. Thought it might look awful with the beading round but it looks absolutely fine. I agree it does look slightly better with the laminate under the skirting but IMO not worth all the extra cost (if you have to pay someone to do it) and hassle.

reindeercantdancethetango · 27/12/2008 00:21

I thought this was about home birth and how much you were getting put down for the labour

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