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Furnishing a Victorian House - where to start?

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PaddingtonBore · 20/12/2008 20:24

So we flogged our lovely modernist flat a few months ago, and to my surprise I've fallen in love with a Victorian house. Most of the period features are still there - picture rails, cornicing, ceiling roses, sash windows.

We've had an offer accepted, and it's dawned on me that my modernist-lite furniture is going to look a bit weird in the new house. What looks good in Victorian places? And where do I shop for it

OP posts:
Anna8888 · 21/12/2008 16:17

We have a flat with a lot of period features - Art Deco mouldings, parquet floor, floor to ceiling windows etc.

The best thing we did was move in with our pre-existing furniture and just live here for a while before deciding on how we wanted to decorate and furnish. It still isn't finished (three years on) but we are very happy with the decisions we have made so far. A lot of the difficult decisions, like lighting and the size/volume of major pieces of furniture, have been made and simply became self-evident after a while.

And just don't worry about period of furniture - the most important thing is to buy furniture that suits your lifestyle, is comfortable, and that you love. It really doesn't matter in what year it was made.

francagoestohollywood · 21/12/2008 16:30

We lived in a Victorian house in the UK with lovely period features ( I miss our house!). We didn't really put much thought into decorating or furnishing it, but our mix of modern furniture and not particualry stylish old stuff seemed to work well. We stripped the carpet to uncover lovely wooden floors, which I think make any piece of furniture look beter (imo of course)

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