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Please tell me about your shingle/gravel drive!

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Pannacotta · 05/12/2008 17:11

We are replacing the broken paving on our drive for shingle, but am bit confused about the options, eg pea shingle, gravel and which size to get.

It's also a security issue - we have been told that shingle is much better for security as you can hear people as they walk/drive on it.

I remember trying to wheel a buggy across the shingle drive at a friend's house and found it really hard work. She has large shingle, is smaller shingle any easier?


OP posts:
woodenchair · 05/12/2008 19:56

Don't think the tiny stuff is great, my db got some delivered by mistake, local cat's love it!

I think the ease of getting a pram over it depends on how compact and deep it is.


Pannacotta · 05/12/2008 21:42

Thanks wc, have heard about the cat thing before, need to avoid that as we have two mogs and loads of others nearby...

OP posts:
Pannacotta · 06/12/2008 16:45

Anyone else?

OP posts:
DoesntChristmasDragOn · 06/12/2008 16:50

It'll be all over the pavement.

SpacePuppy · 06/12/2008 16:51

we didn't put it down but we have pea size, it gets stuck under shoes and is always carried into your house, buggies don't like it, children do and I often have to stop ds (3yo)to stop throwing it at the cars. The cars you can hear, but hardly an alarm system. Also if they drive on it a lot the shingles spreads and makes grooves, so unless you don't mind, you will be "raking" it often.

DoesntChristmasDragOn · 06/12/2008 16:51

Do the local wildlife care what size it is? I think they'll cr*p in it anyway.

Pannacotta · 06/12/2008 16:52

Dragon we will be putting in edging up to the pavement (works for all our neighbours).

OP posts:
georgimama · 06/12/2008 16:56

We have a gravel drive, it's fine. No probs with pram wheels, and as long as it is deep enough and gets compacted don't really have issues with tyretracks.

You need to make sure there is a mebrane underneath otherwise weeds will grow through which is v v v annoying.

Pannacotta · 07/12/2008 18:58

Thanks, thats helpful to know.
Will make sure we have it laid to a good depth.

OP posts:
fishnet · 11/12/2008 22:05

My top tip is make sure the gravel isn't too big. Completely cocks up patent stilettos.

clam · 13/12/2008 18:18

I dug out a narrow trench to one side of our newly-block-paved drive (which was a tiny bit too narrow to comfortably park two cars side-by-side and get out of them without stepping on the muddy lawn ), filled it with gravel and it's a complete pain in the a*. Every kid (and adult) in the neighbourhood seems to take delight in kicking it all over the lawn.

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