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The perfect conservatory

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yogamat · 03/12/2008 22:19

Who makes the best conservatories?
Want to put one in but don't want cheap white plastic. Happy to spend how ever much it takes.
Would love some suggestions. We are in London but all recomendations welcome.

OP posts:
jollyholly · 03/12/2008 22:37

So what are you looking for? Wood?

We've just had one and it was made by a German company called something like Kommeling - they're supposed to be really good (but it is white plastic!)

SquiffyHock · 03/12/2008 22:38

Amdega are lovely, a friend has one. We had ours handmade by a local carpenter and it's lovely.

LikerabbitsBX · 05/12/2008 23:12

Amdega are very good! I know a man who supplys and fits Amdega conservatories. Are you local to London?

jeanjeannie · 06/12/2008 09:49

Well I'd recommend my DP - specialist in Timber Conservatories (mainly in west London, and Home counties though!!) Shameless plug - sorry

He's recently had to fix a couple of Amdega conservatories. He always thought they were good but they've been sub-contracting and it's not been such good standard.

Basically you can get a fab conservatory but if it's fitted badly then it'll be a nightmare.

Marston and Langinger are pretty damm fine (and £££)!

You could also try Vale Garden Houses and they are endorsed by the national Trust.

David Salisbury is worth looking at too.

One bit of advice - if you are doing wood then don't go for a company that predominantly fit plastic....they never seem to get fitted properly.

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