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Relocating to remote areas... anyone done it?

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ChristmasPresence · 28/11/2008 20:06

Seriously thinking about relocating to a remote area of the country, Scottish islands maybe. Has anyone done this, or already live somewhere remote? What are the drawbacks?

OP posts:
whispywhisp · 29/11/2008 14:32

My dream ought to put a message out for expatinscotland....she lives in a very remote part of Scotland. I'm sure she could help you.

ChristmasPresence · 29/11/2008 20:50

thanks whispy. will keep a lookout for her

OP posts:
subtlemouse · 01/12/2008 14:56

I was relocated to Dartmoor as a three year old and spent the next fifteen years desperate to leave, the following ten avoiding going back and the next fifteen feeling all wistful about remoteness. And I married a man who is desperate to decant to the wilds. But actually I know I would never go back to living five miles from the nearest shop, ten from secondary school (and you get no choice at all in remote parts)and at least fifteen from any friends! If you are willing to be a permanent taxi service it might be acceptable (I'm assuming you have sprogs). Don't assume that your paradise will be theirs!

frostyfingers · 01/12/2008 16:11

Depends on how much you like driving....

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