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putting a telivision on the wall - where to buy from

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mysonsmummy · 22/11/2008 10:39

has anyone any idea of which shops actually put the telivision on to the wall. want to buy one but need them actually put it up as well.

thanks in advance

OP posts:
annieshaf · 22/11/2008 21:10

We bought one from empire direct in Bolton a few years ago. They set a guy out to fit it and we were so impressed with him that we have used him again since.

mysonsmummy · 23/11/2008 13:16

oh thank you their website looks great. they dont advertise anywhere the actual putting it up. otherwise i buy these things and never they never get used properly. will give them a ring as they have a warehouse near me at perivale. thanks again.

OP posts:
annieshaf · 23/11/2008 20:28

Your welcome
Not sure if it matters but we bought from the store rather than online and arranged the fitting directly with the store.

annieshaf · 23/11/2008 20:28

Should have added that they did match the online price tho when we bargained with them

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