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Just how do you clean (or paint) the windows above a conservatory?

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jollyholly · 21/11/2008 21:21

We've just had a conservatory built, and it's occurred to us - how will the window cleaner clean dd's room, and how will we paint the woodwork in future? Presumably there's a cunning plan (or gadget....!)

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ChasingSquirrels · 21/11/2008 21:25

no idea re cleaning, when we had ouirs painted the painter climbed out of the window and stood on the top of the conservatory.

lisad123 · 21/11/2008 21:27

I dont paint mine. Cleaning, we have to put hose out of bathroom window on full forse to clean. DO NOT, clean from front and back as water gets under the seals iyswim hth

jollyholly · 21/11/2008 21:46

thank you

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