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Does the 2m high planning rule normally apply to trellis as well as soild fencing?

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Pannacotta · 13/11/2008 21:03

Does anyone have any experience of this?]

We are hoping to replace some damaged trellis panels above a boundary wall (which is 2.4m tall in total) with new panels which will increase the height to 3m. We live opposite a 3 storey block of flats and there are security issues so its not just for added privacy.
Will speak to the council again, but so far have had two different answers so am bit confused.

Does anyone have any experience of this?

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lauraloola · 13/11/2008 21:07

Surely if you are replacing what is already there there shouldnt be a problem?

Pannacotta · 13/11/2008 21:11

Thats what I thought as the boundary is already over 2m, but as we want to make it taller I think this may be the problem, though not really sure...

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lauraloola · 13/11/2008 21:15

I would just do it. You can always take it down if anyone says anything but Im sure they wont as its not a solid structure IYSWIM.

Pannacotta · 13/11/2008 21:23

I think I would just go for it if it wasn't going to cost £1K to do the work!
Would be a bit gutted if we needed to take it down after spending that kind of money...

Think I will just have to call the council again and try and speak to someone mor in the know.
Thanks anyway...

OP posts:
lauraloola · 13/11/2008 21:26

Blimey! In which case I would call them to double to check, that is a lot of money to loose.

ilovecake · 13/11/2008 22:24

I have had experience of this just recently - we replaced a ramshackle trellis covered in brambles with a beautiful and not cheap curved top fencng that is half trellis. We put it on top of a small raised bed on top of the retaining wall of our garden. The height remained the same only looked much nicer. A neighbour complained to planning and they came out and measured height from ground level - ie. wall plus fence and we had to remove all panels and reduce size by 4 inchs to make total height 2metres!!! Despite the fact there was an existing fence at this height. Very very annoyed. I do live in a small devon town with old nosey neighbours so this may not be the case for you - your neighbours may not be bothered.

Pannacotta · 13/11/2008 22:41

Thanks ilovecake, think we will have to apply, have been researching on line and it seems that it is the height not the type of fencing which is the key.
How annoying for you and how petty that your neighbours complained...

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