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How many of you live in your dream house?

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Fizzylemonade · 12/11/2008 20:09

We bought our current house knowing it was a stepping stone house and are currently stuck with it until at least next year.

Tell me how great it is to move into your dream house, did you have to take your time to do it up if it cost you an arm and a leg???

Gush away

OP posts:
georgimama · 12/11/2008 20:09

I do pretty much live in my dream house (if the attic was converted and it had a new roof), but I don't own it.

Does that help?

gemmiegoatlegs · 12/11/2008 20:11

like georgimama, our house is lovely, but not ours (yet). we are renting from a family member and have spent some money on decorating/new bathroom etc, but it is much nicer than the stepping stone house we could have squeezed with a massive mortgage

Fizzylemonade · 12/11/2008 20:38

In my defence we moved over 100 miles away from our last house due to DH's job and it was all very desperate

We chose it for the amazing primary school which my son is now in so we can widen our search area somewhat. It is a bit cut throat to get into.

Anyone else???

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 12/11/2008 20:39

I live in my dream house but in a really shite area .
Like the op, we hoped to move on, but will be staying a few years now.

uptomyeyes · 12/11/2008 20:47

I live in my dream home, though it is also a renovation project. we bought it 4 years ago expecting it to take about 10 years to do up. Loft conversion done, rewiring happening next month, 5 rooms decorated beautifully.....everything elso looks like Rigby's house in Rising Damp!

I do love it even though sometimes the slowness of the renovation gets me down and every job costs 3 times what it would in a normal house for one reason or another!

expatinscotland · 12/11/2008 20:47

but then it's not a dream anymore.


no. don't live in my dream house.

but it's shelter.

lalalonglegs · 12/11/2008 20:49

I was like nicky - fantastic house, horrible neighbourhood. My new place is a stepping stone but I do think dream houses are just that - unreal fantasies. Even when I play my dream house game (eyeing up places around here that I can't possibly afford), I always end up thinking: "Yeah, it is a really nice house but it's a bit of a walk to the station/the garden's poky/the road can get a bit busy during school run/whatever."

I think you can live in really nice houses but, unless you build one yourself (and that is a nightmare process for most) there are always going to be compromises and irritations.

hippipotami · 12/11/2008 20:54

I think a dream house is just that - a dream.
I live in a nice house (albeit small-ish), with a nice garden. Victorian semi, with character, I love it.
BUT, it has no driveway and parking is a nightmare, the 3rd bedroom is the converted loft and I cannot stand upright in there, it is on a busy messy little street off the village high-street.
So whilst I love my home, it is not my dream house.

My dream house, incidentally, is on the market. But I cannot afford it

gemmiegoatlegs · 12/11/2008 20:56

also, even though the area is the nicest in town , the road is very busy, so not that perfect!

uptomyeyes · 12/11/2008 20:59, I do still live in my dream my dream "home"

chopchopbusybusy · 12/11/2008 21:01

I'd have to win multiple millions to buy a dream house. I like my house - and it's almost paid for, there will always be better houses out there, but I'm happy to stay where we are.

QuintessentialShadow · 12/11/2008 21:02

We are working hard to achieve "The Dream" with our self build. It is amazing to create what you think will be the perfect house.

Not so amazing when things go wrong. Then the Dream is easily a Nightmare. At least in terms of the build (not life in general)

Such as:

The slope on the hill we are building on is not steep enough to have one door on the first floor leading straight out (which was supposed to be our main entrance) and the door on the ground floor leading out to street level. So the first floor door is converted to a big window (overlooking mountains, so quite nice), and the entrance hall converted to my study. Neither I nor the project manager realized this. The downstairss living area has been divided up and turned into just some space (possibly for kids to play) and a new entrance hall. So we gained a study for me on the first floor, but lost our downstairs living room.

Or, the plumber forgot we also have an upstairs toilet and only laid wastepipe (sewage) to the downstairs loo.
So, we have to hack up the concrete floor, to connect to sewage pipe, and due to the underfloor heating, ALL the floor needs to be hacked up, and carried out in wheelbarrows. Underfloor heating laid again, and new concrete laid. Concrete needs to harden for 3 weeks until further work can be carried out.

I am sure there will be more.

In my opinion, the Dream does not exist, other than in your dreams.

sleepycatonabroomstick · 12/11/2008 21:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ohdearwhatamess · 12/11/2008 21:06

We're in the house before the dream house. Dream house will be much bigger and with lots of land.

Nice village though, and dream views from my house.

sweetgrapes · 12/11/2008 21:10

I live in a nice house 3 bed semi detached with own parking. Not very nice neighbourhood but not as bad as some and my road is very peaceful.

When we do it up (decorate, paint, fix the garden, loft conversion, conservatory, cloakroom)it'll be my dream home. (don't have the money to do any of that - other than paint)

Not dh's though. He wants a sweeping driveway

TheFallenMadonna · 12/11/2008 21:12

I live in my realistic dream house IYKWIM. If I came into serious money I'd go for something fancier, but realistically, we're in the house for us.

morningpaper · 12/11/2008 21:15

lol I live opposite my dream house too!

Well, ours in an ex-council 1960s semi which has no foundations and is subsiding, and the ones opposite are beautiful Georgian townhouses

BUT ours has ENORMOUS drive and garden

So really I would probably stick with ours, because the garden is fab for the children and parties etc.

morningpaper · 12/11/2008 21:15

oh sorry sleepcat said 'the opposite' rather than opposite

ANTagony · 12/11/2008 21:18

I live in my dream house. Detached, set in half an acre with mature orchard and sea views. A little over 2.5hrs on the nearby mainline train route to London. Haven't got my dream life though or got my finances anywhere near in check. My ex (11 years) walked out a year after we moved in when DS2 was 1 (DS1 was 3). I guess you can't have it all.

sleepycatonabroomstick · 12/11/2008 21:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumhadenough · 12/11/2008 21:28

I bought my dream home 2 and a half years ago, brand spanking new! I loved it sooooooooo much. Four weeks later we were burgled .

Couldn't settle in the house after that as I discovered the area was terrible and I was convinced it would happen again.

Am now in a much nicer area, with a much smaller house thats not quite as nice but we're working on it

FuriousGeorge · 12/11/2008 21:59

I did live in my dream house,but it was in a bad area.Now I live in a village that I never dreamed I'd ever be able to live in & never want to leave,but our house is very far from our dream house.It is 1960's and if it had been anywhere else,I'd never have bought it.But I keep telling myself that I can't have everything & we are very lucky to have what we have.

etchasketch · 12/11/2008 22:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

morningpaper · 12/11/2008 22:17


morningpaper · 12/11/2008 22:18

I feel like that about the subsidence sometimes

it is like a bad Thomas Hardy novel

I start assuming it means that my husband has another wife, or something

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